Godzilla vs Kong is an OK movie

I watched it with my son last night and it is a fun movie. Not great and it has a plot that goes exactly as expected, barring one thing – Milly Bobby’s Brown’s character and that arc of the plot is quite unnecessary. She plays a generic teenage sleuth much like a character from Stranger Things, with some cheesy contrived camaraderie between her and a conspiracy theorist and podcaster who turns out to be correct about the bad guys being up to something. Tagging along is a cardboard cutout teenage computer geek. I don’t remember any characters’ name. The movie is what it is for a monster movie and you can throw in all the usual and expected critiques about the motivations of the monsters and the humans too. I’ll leave those out except for the unnecessary subplot.

What I will comment on, is I think it is funny that other people are taking this movie so seriously. There are so many plot holes and bits that don’t make sense, why bother to get into them? (For example… Hollow Earth? How does the magic power source work? You can copy an infinite power source by downloading it? How come our trusty sleuths were essentially invisible until they needed to be caught to be in the right place?) I could go on but what for? When I say that it’s an OK movie I mean it isn’t absolute shit.

Big monster fight other big monster. Big monster look, big monster see – big monster attack! Man want to be biggest, makes bigger monster. Man bad. Other man good. Help good big monsters fight bad big monster. The end.

That’s it. That’s the whole movie. No need to look more deeply into it.

Edit… That other review ain’t so bad. I do think people take this kind of movie too seriously though. It’s a movie about monsters fighting, and while the original Godzilla might have been a metaphor for nuclear war or whatever, don’t look for deeper meaning here. You could just as well look for literary excellence in porn intros.

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