PSA: If you have to announce that you’re “super” straight, maybe you ain’t so straight

It’s Ye Olden Psychological Projection once again!

Sigh. I had a completely different post in mind, one where I mock the people on the right who so desperately use the word “woke” as an epithet lately… where they believe that calling anyone “woke” or claiming that a person cares too much about social justice is some kind of insult that should be taken seriously. But alas, that post will have to wait and I must be woke some more first…

This: As usual, I have not bothered to expand the text beyond preview… rest assured it is a nonsensical assertion that “super straight” is a valid position.


I take it most people don’t know what “super straight” is? Fear not, neither did I but I shall get to that now.

People on the right wing, or “conservatives” or whatever the fuck they call themselves, have recently become aware that transgender people exist. And they take issue with this. With their existence, you see.

Obviously transgender people are a minority, a tiny minority. (We’ll get back to that.) In case you didn’t know, there are people born whose biological sex does not match their gender identity. It’s an unfortunate side effect of our gender identities being dictated somehow by our brains, independently of our physical bodies, and that since we are very much imperfectly evolved animals, sometimes those two things get out of sync. (That’s how I understand it, and I think it is a reasonable understanding.) So you can have a male body but your brain says you’re a woman, and vice versa.

In a nutshell, that’s what transgender people are. Women who have male bodies and men who have female bodies. Make no mistake, transgender women are women, and transgender men are men – they just have bodies that don’t match their true genders, which if you think about it, is really fucking awful. In a perfect world, we’d treat such people with compassion, we’d empathise with them. And many of us do. But not all.

There are various people who are transphobic, that is, who are prejudiced against transgender people, and I said I’d get back to it… because they are a tiny minority. Tiny minorities make great victims, and that’s what transphobia comes down to. Bullying… hatred… malicious people who have found that they have power over others and who then enjoy abusing that power.

But rather than admit their hatred, they pretend it is something else. For example, some claim that transgender women are really men who enter women’s bathrooms to predate on women. Hence they package their hatred as fighting for the rights of women. There are some famous transphobic people, including the Harry Potter author who is a TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist). But I don’t want to get into that today… Some people pretend that trans women in sport are really men who transition simply to win an unfair advantage. And there are always those who claim to speak for their gods, and the existence of transgender people goes against the wishes of those deities.

The meme shared to that group of bigots refers to “super straight”, where they use straight to hate against transgender people… in a way that they think is clever but is, of course, quite transparent. They deliberately conflate two different things: sexual preference vs prejudice. They claim, incorrectly, that any man who isn’t attracted to a trans woman is called transphobic. (They always seem to forget about trans men but let’s ignore that. They aren’t too bright.) They do this in response to claims that being attracted to a transgender woman does not make a man gay, because it doesn’t. (But they believe it does.) So they’ve made up a new gender called “super straight”, which consists of men who are not attracted to transgender women. In other words, they’re straighter than straight, or something, which is used to justify their hatred. (We are always the heroes in our own narratives. Our hatred isn’t hatred, it’s something else. Perhaps the bigots genuinely believe these lies they tell themselves.)

Of course it is also telling that they think it is OK to just make up a new gender, because they deny the very identities of transgender people.

I can’t believe I had to write about this, but I had to… I don’t understand why we can’t all just be empathetic. I mean, imagine how it must feel to have a body that doesn’t match your gender… That’s bad enough, but then, there are people who go out of their way to be hateful bigoted cunts just because they can. For fuck’s sake, we can be better than this.

And the only thing I’d like to add, as mentioned in line one, is that I suspect this works very much like homophobia… If you are so insecure about your own sexual identity that you must call yourself “super straight” in response to the gender identities of other people… well – that says more about you than it does about them.

To clarify in case a TERF or other idiot reads this… We don’t have to fight for the rights of straight people, or white people, or men, or colonialists, or cisgender people. We need to address inequality where it exists, and that means fighting for those whose rights are denied. Think of a movie cliché… they don’t make movies where the bullies get their revenge. You cunts are the bullies so stop trying to play the victims. Nobody buys your bullshit.

And if another person calls me “woke” or a SJW… I’m OK with that. I’d rather be that than a poes like you.

Update… Look at this shit from the same group:


and in the comments by the same person
May be an image of text that says "Learn the difference Straight SuperStraight Gay Lesbian SuperGay SuperLesbian and stop being a bigot."

Again… this is a reminder of what hate speech actually looks like. It’s rampant on Facebook, and yet the people being banned are the ones who call it out, not the ones who indulge in it.

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