Conservatives are like Joseph–Cuckolds of the Lord

I don’t have anything to write today, but still have 20 days left of my account being restricted on Facebook, so I’ll share this here…

I guess you could say that this is why I like to call conservatives conservacucks. They remind me of Joseph. And I can’t call them conservatards because that’s too close to the R word and ableism. But Cucks for the Lord? That’s an insult to them and their religion, one that works for me.
May be an image of 2 people and text that says "JOSEPH GOD MARY"

Edit: Perhaps the reason this joke resonates with me is worthy of some explanation? Seems obvious to me but…

Conservatives generally like to call us more progressive men “cucks”, an abbreviated form of cuckold. If you didn’t know this – a cuckold is a dude who watches as someone else fucks his wife. At least that’s the explanation I know. In other words, calling a man a cuck is to call into question his masculinity. The problem with that, of course, is that they are projecting when they do so, so we must take their accusations with a generous pinch of salt. Actually you can throw in the whole fucking bag.

I mean… this comes from the same group of men who call themselves “alpha”, and… surprise surprise – if you have to call yourself alpha, you’re not alpha. Humans don’t even have alpha males. We’ve evolved sexual selection where the women select the better partners, but those partners are not leaders of any kind of pack. We are great apes but we are a little more sophisticated than the other great apes – or so I thought. Likewise those men so afraid of us progressives are the same chaps who walk around brandishing big guns to make up for their insecurities about their penises. Hence I like to throw the term back at them because they are obviously insecure about it.

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