Man clicks link expecting enlightenment… you won’t believe what he found instead!

He found nothing. Sweet fuck-all.

Clickbait promises you the world, but it never delivers, like those old TV shows in the US. “Coming up, poo poo pee,” and then you get some stuck shit instead. Before every ad break, that comes every 10 minutes… “Coming up, poo poo pee pee,” but it never happens. Then in the last 2 seconds of the show, they say the words, “Poo poo pee pee”, and that was it, ladies and gentleman. That’s what you waited an hour for.

Clickbait is the same. A title to get your curiosity, get your brain salivating for salacious sexy stuff, but then, you land on the article, and it’s the same paragraph promising you more, three times, and you have to click “Next” to see more. But if you are the sucker who clicks on, you get more bullshit content that still doesn’t satisfy whatever curiosity was piqued. If you make it to the end… well, fuck knows really. I don’t even know if that’s possible. Maybe somebody can tell me?

I have overcome my need to be curious. Normally I do this on Facebook, but since I’m still restricted for another twenty something days, you’ll have to put up with my bullshit here, in this longer version of the same joke.

I like to take screen shots of the click bait, and then share it without the links. I sometimes, but don’t always remove the context. It doesn’t matter. The links aren’t backed up by anything real anyway.

I think it helps to see the clickbait for what it is, when it doesn’t point anywhere. Just face the fact that these aren’t links and you don’t need to know what they pointed to.




I mean, really? Who gives a fuck what some fictional fantasy space knights did with their swords after they died? Make up your own explanation.

Edit: Oh, look… another one. This isn’t even the same site.


It was magic. He used Sith magic. (I didn’t follow the link, but who cares? They invented an explanation decades later, and by “they”, I mean some random person who wrote a book or comic. And the answer will be some variation of Sith Magic.)

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