The hilariously sad reality for conspiracy theorists

The conspiracy is only useful if it remains in the virtual world online. You have to stay in your bubble. As soon as you act on the conspiracy in the real world, you bring real world consequences onto yourself.

And that’s when things get amusing.

The thing about conspiracies is, they include vast cover-ups and situations that are impossible to exist in the real world. If you act on your conspiracy in the real world, you will face real world consequences like time in prison. The conspiracy goes on. But you don’t. Other people will continue to believe in the conspiracy because, much like religious dogma, it remains static. It can’t change, so if you act in a way that exposes it to be untrue, other believers must declare that you are a false flag, and continue to believe as they did. So you’re a paid actor, a shill to make them look bad.


  1. The “Pizzagate” guy who shot up a pizza place because he was looking for a secret basement which Hillary Clinton used to smuggle children in a child sex trafficking ring, which of course didn’t exist…
  2. The QAnon shaman, who is now in prison too.

In the case of the latter, he featured prominently in the raid on the US Capitol building. He, in his colourful outfit with his assumption that Trump would protect him from any wrongdoing, was one of the most devout believers in the conspiracy, but his act was his undoing.

Embed from Getty Images

From the article:

“Very staged like he was bought,” one Instagram user commented. “Never saw someone like him just walk into the chambers with a cop there and ask if he could go up there for a picture and no fight back from the cops. Cop just said don’t damage anything. Very weird to me. A lot of staged photo opps for this cat.”

So he’s a paid actor now, a “false flag”… That is the fate of the proudest conspiracists.

But there’s a bigger picture here, one related to dogmatic belief on a wider scale… e.g. Christianity. Religious belief is very similar to conspiracy theories, in that it must remain static. The extremist Christians are waiting for Jesus to come back, waiting for the apocalypse and rapture that can never come. Never mind that the things they believe in are not real… let’s play their game for a moment. Imagine that Jesus was real and did come back. You know what would happen? Not one Christian would believe it. The state of waiting for him is not one that can change. Just like QAnon/pizzagate… the subject of belief is not real. The belief cannot change, even if real world events were to prove it false (or even true!).

Excuse me for smirking.

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