Too many spiders–a follow-up to my review of Torchlight 3

I’m writing this as a follow-up to this post where I reviewed Torchlight 3…

I’m still playing the game, having gotten much further in the genie challenge levels. The name of the challenge level where you normally don’t get enough of the item required to complete the level, is “Silky Threads”. The requirements for this level are to kill spiders and collect 3 “silky webbing”, but normally, you either don’t get enough spiders, or any of the other item at all. The level often gets generated with the +50% gear luck or chance for monsters to drop “essences” with a legendary essence from the level boss – which are used for enchanting items, so I tend to play it anyway, but it is annoying to clear the level and then be unable to complete the challenge.

There are other glitches besides the ones I mentioned in the last review, such as:

  1. Another level that can’t always be completed. I don’t remember the name, but it is one where you have to kill melee and ranged spiders. (Yes, spiders again.) And for some reason, there aren’t enough melee spiders.
  2. The pet sometimes doesn’t disappear, but gets stuck at the start of the level, with infinite health. This confuses bosses on a boss level, because they switch between fighting you and your sitting duck pet, but overall this is still a disadvantage because on other levels, the pet is stuck at the start of the level, with no enemies around.
  3. There’s a boss level where the boss sometimes accidentally teleports off the map, and doesn’t return. You can still hit him with a ranged attack, but it only does partial damage, so it is possible to finish the level, but it takes long.

Still, I can’t emphasize enough how much I like the combat system in this game. It is engaging and fun, and makes the game playable despite the bugs. I just hope they fix them and make it more fun soon. (Most urgently I would say is the performance issues related to instantiating pets, which leads to the game freezing. Use an object pool or something – you could probably get away with having ten generic pets always in memory, and just convert them to specific ones with some sort of utility methods. I mean, how different are they really to each other? A pet is a pet, they all have the same properties and up to 4 skills of the same type, and just need to be rendered differently due to the values of some properties.) There might be a memory leak there somewhere as well, as the game gets more sluggish when played for hours.

Short comparison with Diablo 3 follows…

I spent some time last night playing the annual “Darkening of Tristram” event in Diablo 3, having never played it before, and I had to do so carefully with my fairly new hardcore character (having killed off my old one six months before in a moment of stupidity) in Torment 16, and this reminded me just how good the AI and combat system is of Torchlight 3. My main tactic of Diablo 3, and it isn’t really a tactic but is quite brainless, is running around and shooting all the time using Strafe/Vengeance and ridiculously high cooldown and resource cost reductions, with the “Embodiment of the Marauder” set, doing something like +60 000% base damage. That means my demon hunter auto aims, so there is little to no engagement at all. I am bound simply by the hit points of my enemies and must grind until they die.

A couple of years ago, I allowed my then 5 year old stepdaughter to play my character. I could allow her to play a hardcore character, simply by going down to a lower Torment difficulty. There is no way I could get away with that in Torchlight 3. She’d kill my character in seconds. In Torchlight, I stick to normal difficulty, and have to actually engage with the enemies – none of that auto aim bullshit.

In last night’s darkening of Tristram event, to my surprise in level 16 of the labyrinth, the “Dark Lord” himself was so easy to play, because I just stood on the other side of a doorway. Every time he attacked with his fire breathe or whatever it is called, I simply stood to the side behind the wall. And he didn’t follow me through the doorway. That wouldn’t happen in Torchlight, where the enemies are smart enough to follow you.

So again, Torchlight 3 is fun and engaging. I am loving playing it and looking for better legendary items to improve my character, despite the bugs.

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