Thanks, random annoying internet ad

I hate adverts, but I kept seeing this one popping up everywhere…


And every time I saw it, I was intrigued… Who is this strange lady in a pond brandishing a sword? And the lady of the lake takes my hand and leads me into image search… (with apologies to Wayne Hussey) Anyway, I found my Deliverance in the search results, and she really is the lady of the lake, or at least she will be at some point because this show, Cursed, is based on the Arthurian legends.

Maybe I’ll write a home series viewing review of my own at some point, but right now I’m only halfway through season one. That should tell you how much I’m enjoying it, having watched the first four or five episodes in one binge. Katherine Langford plays the main role, with the always brilliant Gustaf Skarsgård (Floki from Vikings) doing a stellar job as Merlin, and a notably dark and brooding portrayal of the Weeping Monk by Daniel Sharman. He actually becomes another famous character, which I found out by mistake via YouTube last night, but I won’t put any spoilers here.

So thank you, stupid random VPN or whatever is being advertised that I’m not using. (And neither should you. Companies that use internet ads featuring images stolen from other companies to capitalize on the success of others should not be supported.) Actually I don’t have Netflix either. (Fuck.) But anyway. Great show… highly recommend.

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