Good news and bad news

Well, not so much good news.

I got robbed at an ATM this morning. Robbed/conned. I don’t know what to call it but I feel pretty stupid. So I drew cash, having been paid early, but a lot less than normal. I wanted to get some cash out before my debit orders swallow everything.

I drew my normal amount, then put my card back in to draw again, and it inexplicably failed. No reason why it should have, but maybe there wasn’t enough cash in the machine. So I was a little surprised, and let the guy behind me in the queue go, just to see if the ATM would work, and it did. Then after I put my card back in the ATM, he came to “help” me, taking my card out before I could stop him, he said I should cancel it. He appeared to put my card back in, went to another menu and said I should enter my pin. I don’t know why I did it, but I did enter my pin, only to see it appear on the display, because it was on a screen actually asking for my cellphone number.

Then I tried to take my card out of the ATM. But it wasn’t in. It took me a few seconds to realize what had happened. I checked the ATM, my hand, my wallet… before realizing that it must have been the guy and sleight of hand. I turned but he was long gone. With both my bank card and my pin number.

Like, how can I be so fucking stupid?!? Then I panicked. I could have cancelled my card there and then at the ATM, but instead I drove to the bank branch, which is about two minutes away. But the bank wasn’t open yet! So then I cancelled my card at another ATM. Of course that gave him about five minutes… two minutes that it took me to drive to the shopping centre, and the time it took to walk to the bank, realize it wasn’t open yet, try to call the toll-free number on the ATM, which didn’t go through… twice, and only then think to cancel my card using the ATM. That gave him enough time to draw some money.

This sucks because I’m already on a reduced salary, I have to pay for medication for my son from one doctor, and a psychologist for him, and other bills I don’t normally have. Not getting into details – let’s just say my son has some serious issues. So I’m so fucked now.

And the good news? Well, it’s not that special. A Facebook friend who shared a bunch of nonsense involving COVID-19 conspiracies has posted a lengthy apology after being fact-checked and realizing that he had been taken in by misinformation. He’s embarrassed and is asking that nobody else post humiliating fact-checks (because he’s presumably feeling pretty dumb right now). But not as dumb as me. My faith in humanity would be restored by his post, except it isn’t, because of the guy who robbed me, and tricked me. Fuck humanity. Fuck it in its collective arse.

I’ve been mugged before. Once in my twenties and once when I was older, but the second time, in my thirties, I fought off the two muggers, and believe me, I hurt them pretty badly. Knocked the one down and then got the better of the other and smashed his face into the ground before running away. But I’d never been conned. Defeated mentally and with no one to fight off because he got away so quickly. I can deal with a physical threat. But a mental one… fuck.

2 thoughts on “Good news and bad news

  1. That there is some unfortunate situation u found yourself involved in, and i feel for you bro. What is it about money that makes other humans violate on any level. Still i reckon worse could have occurred and no doubt did occur to some one else. I think we have set times for each thing to happen and yours happened accordingly. Pain, yes, end ov the world, not by a long shot. If i could i would say dont get too down about it, easier said than done but you can do it, PEACE

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  2. The thing is, there was another suspicious looking guy hanging around as well and maybe I was lucky. They both disappeared so maybe they were together and I could have been mugged. That was over ten years ago when I fought off two muggers. I’m not as young as I used to be…

    Maybe I got off lucky in the end.


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