Black Lives matter–remember George Floyd

Even though I’m white and in South Africa, I cannot let these things slide. I can’t sit here and not share stuff like this when I see it.

Yesterday this was all over Facebook. Yet another example of a black man in America, an innocent man who was racially profiled and then murdered by police. A man who did nothing to justify this and was murdered simply for existing while being black.

Most of the shares yesterday focused on the policeman, the murderer, showing him with his knee on the victim. But later the victim was identified and named. So fuck the name of the killer. Remember George Floyd, a man who died for nothing. I’m seeing conflicting info – maybe he forged a check and maybe he didn’t, but that doesn’t justify murder.



I think it’s worth adding… A responsible leader would make a comment about this, say something, anything… at least offer his condolences. But today Donald Trump has announced he will make an executive order against Twitter because they fact checked one of his (false) statements. Then again there’s also no word from him about the US passing 100 000 COVID-19 deaths. #Winning?

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