Ash vs Evil Dead is also worth watching

Again, not really a review. But while cooped up in lockdown, when not working, we have to do something… and I choose to watch movies and series.

So the other day I decided to download Ash vs Evil Dead and now I’ve watched the first season. I didn’t really think I’d enjoy it. An old school friend, one who I met up with on Facebook, told me about this series when it started a few years ago. The funny thing is, I was the one who introduced him to it 30 years before. Back in our school days, poor old Eric visited my home, and anyone who visited me there was forced to watch a few movies, two of which were the original Superman with Christopher Reeve, and Evil Dead Part II. I watched both of which at least once a week back then.

And Oh boy! Eric freaked out when he watched it. He shouted; he screamed; he squirmed! And he loved it. I forgot all about it in the years since then, but he remained a fan, and I didn’t even know the movie became a cult classic.

So I downloaded it, and I’m glad I did. The protagonist, Ash, played by the sadly underrated Bruce Campbell, is a moron. He’s vain, arrogant, not too bright and has zero self awareness, yet has a good heart and is a reluctant, and sometimes not so reluctant hero, killing zombies called ‘deadites’ in the most gory and hilarious ways.

It doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s corny, goofy, filled with slapstick, and cheesy, but horror comedy genius. Somehow it isn’t campy. I don’t know how but it never gets campy, unlike something such as those awful Pirates of the Caribbean snorefest movies. Each episode is only about half an hour so it moves along quickly too.

The last two episodes of season one guest star Samara Weaving, and by the way, if you haven’t watched 2019’s Ready Or Not, which is another bit of comedy horror genius, you should check that out too.

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