Looks like Hydroxychloroquine is not good for treating COVID-19, and may even increase your risk of death

I’ve little to add today… just maybe don’t trust a doctor who looks like the mad scientist from Independence Day… but mostly I’d like to link you to two of my favourite medical writers.

  1. Steven Novella here.
  2. David Gorski here.

Note that in the first article, Dr Novella links to their Science Based Medicine site and another article written by Dr Gorski. I suggest reading Dr Novella’s article first, as his writing is a heck of a lot easier to read. Gorski always gets right into the nitty gritty and thus it’s often a little more technical than most of us lay people need, but both are worth reading. Dr Gorski injects humour into his writing but it’s buried in the depth of information.

The bottom line is that all the hype came about from one very bad preliminary study, whose results nobody has reproduced. Furthermore, the drug has dangerous and potentially fatal side effects.

But seriously… Here’s the dude from Independence Day:

Okun R Portrait

And here’s the dude with the flawed study, who by the way, denies climate change:

And let us not forget who has pushed for this drug, the world’s most famous idiot, Donald Trump. So… you can trust the experts or you can trust a quack on the word of a loon. Who’s it gonna be?

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