Home movie reviews–Depraved; Sweetheart; Bliss

On Saturday I lost track of time – found myself watching random YouTube videos and ended up on a list of horror movies from 2019. I can’t remember the channel; might’ve been WhatCulture… Anyway, I settled on three movies and watched them; thought I’d share my experience and recommendation for whether or not they’re worth your time.

I don’t want to spoil too much and I’m not going to give a rating of a number of stars or any usual kind of review. So in each case below, I’ll give a brief summary and rate it according to two points… thumbs up/down and watch/don’t. The titles link to each movie’s page on Rotten Tomatoes.


It’s a modern take on Frankenstein without the depth, some unnecessary plot details tacked on that add zero value, and nothing redeeming about any of the characters the monster kills.

  • Thumbs down.
  • Give this one a miss.

Ignore the Rotten Tomatoes critics rating for this one.


A girl washes up on a small island and struggles to survive. It’s a monster movie – there’s some kind of monster that comes out of the water at night, a monster that drags its victims, sometimes dismembered and sometimes alive, into a hole in the ocean floor.

The movie gets a little predictable with the plot after some other survivors show up, and makes one major mistake near the end in that it sets up its own rules regarding the behaviour of the monster, and then breaks them for a cheap scare. But overall a good watch.

  • Thumbs up
  • Yeah… watch it.


A struggling artist is about to be kicked out of her apartment and gets dropped by her agent as she hasn’t finished a painting in three months. So she goes off on a bender, ingesting some weird drug called Bliss, a mix of cocaine and DMT.

Starts out poorly – some sex scenes where we are led to believe we can fuck with pants and panties on, and I thought that was just silly. And we’re treated to several minutes of nothing happening but our protagonist getting progressively wasted. (I spent several years in a drug-fuelled delirium in real life. This does a good job portraying and glamorizing that, but I have better things to do than watch people being wasted.) But around 17 to 20 minutes in, things change, and if you saw the trailer it would have been given away… it changes to a vampire movie. Lots of gore, great music and atmosphere with disturbing visuals, and you’ll forgive the poor start as well as the silly explosive ending.

  • Thumbs up.
  • Watch this shit.

The funny thing for me is that I nearly stopped watching this movie in those first fifteen minutes, but it turned out to improve enough to be my favourite of the three. I’d elected to watch Depraved first, expecting it to be good, and Sweetheart was my second choice. Turned out my preconceptions were wrong, and this was the best of them, with Sweetheart being good too. Depraved was a disappointment.

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