These darn cats

They’re driving me nuts during lockdown. You’d swear I am here exclusively to feed them. I mean, why else would I be here?

This one, Zoe… seems suspiciously fat. She isn’t spayed and I don’t recall seeing her acting like she was on heat but… maybe there are kittens on the way. I hope not.


And Misty, having found that sitting on the other chair and staring at me while I work doesn’t seem to get anywhere, is now stalking me from behind the computer.



Actually now she’s mostly just lurking there. Not sure what she’s up to. The other day, while in a work call, I put my right foot down into some of her vomit and blurted it out to everybody on the call. Nothing like soft squishy cat vomit under a bare foot.

Update. Two things:

  1. Yes, I did not know how to spell “spayed” but it occurred to me after posting that it looked wrong.
  2. Removed the first photo of Misty because the high resolution photo made it possible to read the name of a product I work on in the Jira task on my monitor on the right.

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