American politics baffles and fascinates me

I’m a South African male. Born here and I’ve never been anywhere else. But as someone with a few thousand Facebook friends, I have found that many of them are Americans. In fact, I’m not into the local celebrities or anything like that, so when my local friends talk about South African people who are trending, I often have no idea who they’re talking about. I’m inundated with posts from Americans and I find their politics quite fascinating. My interest with it has increased over the years as I’ve found many similarities between the fascist Republicans on the right with the old apartheid government here. The US, once a nation that helped right the wrongs in this country through sanctions and support of the ANC, have made a complete about turn over the last few decades.

Since I’m an atheist, a humanist, and oriented pretty far left on the political spectrum, most of my friends have similar views. But ‘similar’ is a relative term. Take this, for instance, which showed up on my feed today…


Surely this is an example of what my mother used to accuse my brother and I of as children, “Cutting off your nose to spite your face”? Also known as “shooting yourself in the foot”.

It’s not like this is an isolated point of view. I’m seeing it from a lot of Americans. For years now. I don’t recall what Jo thought of Hillary Clinton in the previous election, but I can guess.

Yeah… Biden is not the best candidate. That guy (Sanders) got fucked over again. But put this into perspective… No president at all, or a comatose person with a Democrat majority making the real decisions, would do a better job than Trump. A potato would do a better job than Trump. In case you haven’t noticed, Trump is so grossly incompetent that most likely, the decisions are being deferred to the people he appointed and he just goes along with the ride. He’s not in any semblance of control and he isn’t even much of a figurehead. All he does is make noise and get everybody responding to his insane and inane statements. Even another figurehead who defers all decisions to people more qualified to make them, would be a step up from what you have now.

One thing is certain though: A divided left who don’t all vote in unison to get that lunatic out of office will lead to a second term for Trump. It looks almost certain now. Never mind that the Democrats aren’t very progressive or as far left as they should be… they’re still better than another term “led” by an ignorant, narcissistic, misogynistic, racist, fascist, anti-science, anti-intellectual, conspiracy mongering idiot, who appoints decision makers who have no qualifications to make those decisions. The real harm is probably being done by other incompetent fools behind closed doors while the world focuses on the rantings of a madman. It’s great for rantings and for comedy but we don’t even get to see what’s really happening or who is in charge. It certainly isn’t the orange clown.

I could almost support Trump. After all, he is doing something great – he’s hastening the fall of an empire and it’s about time too! But… he is doing it by taking away people’s health care and imprisoning refugees for no other reason than racism. And the ripple effects of his legacy as the US economy suffers while he gets even richer, will spread all over the world, including my own country.

Letting him win out of childish spite… Why?

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