I’m a gnostic atheist.

I am absolutely certain there are no gods. There, I said it. I believe that gods do not exist outside of our imagination. I don’t claim it, so I am still not making any claim, but I am tired of pretending the god concept is one that isn’t a human construct. It is. All gods are myth: fiction.That’s all there is to it. I’m tired of reading that we atheists are meant to be agnostic. Fuck agnosticism. Sure, I can’t prove there is not an invisible god that happens to be exactly like one of the ones that men made up, but so fucking what? I also can’t prove that there aren’t fairies or goblins that happen to be just like the made up ones, but that doesn’t mean I should pretend they aren’t made up.

The reason I’m writing this is an amusing Facebook post I saw yesterday. (And I’m still on my ban so I can’t respond.) This one:


It’s a public post, so hopefully these guys won’t mind that I don’t obfuscate names…

Steve McRae is a Facebook friend, not somebody I have ever interacted with, but I have read some of his posts and watched one or two of his videos. This caught my attention because he has a knack for pissing other atheists off. One of the comments on the post came from another quite famous atheist, and that’s what really got my attention:


Aron Ra is one of the most respected atheist activists around, so I was rather surprised that Steve’s arguments not only got his attention, but prompted him to write an entire blog post about it, in which he refers to Mr McRae as Mr Agnostic. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – the atheist community is not that large after all and sooner or later I was bound to be connected to some well known ones.

Anyway, I didn’t just find it amusing. I found it comforting to see that these people who I put on their pedestals are very much human after all, with their faults and their disagreements, and their imperfections, just like me. And some of them have egos and a need to project their views onto all the rest – another common very human fault but one that I doubt Mr Agnostic sees in himself.

But then while thinking about it, I realized that although I agree with Aron Ra completely, I am most certainly not agnostic. It has taken me many years to come to this, but I am quite comfortable being gnostic in my atheism.

I do suggest reading Aron Ra’s blog post. He explains in detail why he has a problem with the agnostic label. His main point is that atheists can be gnostic or agnostic. The only requirement is that you don’t believe in gods. You don’t have to be gnostic like me or agnostic like Mr Agnostic. But most importantly, don’t be duped into the con that atheists claim there is no god. Here’s one paragraph from the post…

Because of so many people growing up with this misrepresented misinformation, it seems that most atheists identify as Methodist, or “non-denominational” or “secular” or even “Unitarian”. Some even say, “just because I don’t believe in God doesn’t make me atheist”, but yeah, it definitely does. That is actually the only criteria. It doesn’t matter whether you also have a belief that there is no god. Because that still means you don’t believe there is one.

Edit: I see Steve has responded with his own status:


Too bad I can’t respond because I’m still on my ban. It seems like an honest question to me, but can you see the faults in his logic? I can. I’m not going to go into it in too much detail for a change… Let’s just say this – premises are supposed to be true. Half truths won’t do. Premise 3 is a half truth as it does not include all cases. In any case, proposition 1 already goes wrong with “God does not exist”. That’s my position but “I don’t believe gods exist” is also valid and is not the same. You can’t infer correctly from a proposition that’s faulty. Oh, I wrote I wouldn’t go into too much detail? Oops.

5 thoughts on “I’m a gnostic atheist.

  1. They have been told, so long and so hard, that ‘Atheists’ are mean, and evil, and depraved, and they aren’t mean, evil or depraved – so they can’t possibly be “Atheists”. 😯
    Their numbers make up for the ones who claim that they are Atheists…. because they are angry at God, 🙄 the ones that Apologists hold up, to ridicule the rest of us. 😳

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  2. i’m myself a gnostic via nihilism atheist. Became that 40 years ago. And I’ve become more certain of the non existence of any god. It also leaves me open to ponder where else in our Galaxy neigh the Universe would we find other life. And to those who say what came before the Big Bang? I suspect another Universe and another Universe beyond that. One implodes, the other explodes.

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    1. Could be a cycle. Big Bang… cool down over many billions of years, so many it is hard to comprehend, collapse back to singularity and another Big Bang.


  3. Would not ‘critic’ be a better term for yourself rather than ‘skeptic’? Since you are not being skeptical as to the theistic question but rather certain and critical in your approach. I’d imagine you carry the task of convincing the skeptic agnostic atheists to your gnostic perspective.

    Of course, you may be skeptical on other matters, but it’s still for thought with regards to your preferred nomenclature.

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