Here’s another example of Christian “love”

As I sit here on another 30 day Facebook ban for “hate speech”, I reflect once again how ironic it is that social commentary, genuine commentary coming from a place of sincerity or making reasonable observations about the society in which we find ourselves, often gets banned as hate speech on this perplexing platform, but real hate speech, in its insipid pretence of being Christian love, never gets taken down.


I’m going to be using this group for examples of the most vile members of our society as long as they keep giving me ammunition to use against them. In this case, our hateful Christian devotee gets to target both feminists and LGBTQ groups in one go, as if it gives him bonus points.

He is, of course, implying that COVID-19 is god’s punishment for people being gay. And topless? I think he is pulling some kind of moral ace card or something – it’s not clear. This kind of condemnation of nudity or abortion or some other thing the theist sees as morally reprehensible is common. The more “sophisticated” haters will post pictures of children in the presence of drag queens as evidence of I’m-not-sure-what, but they always manage to worm their way around hate speech detection by implying what they mean rather than saying it directly. But what is clear is this guy really doesn’t approve of what certain people do with their gonads. Because Jesus. Clearly that logic doesn’t follow – and I know all Christians don’t think this way, but enough of them do that it concerns me that the others don’t speak up. In my book: Silence == agreement.

Note that a quick Google search revealed that these protesters in Morocco were protesting the law in which people can be imprisoned for six months to three years simply for being in a same sex relationship. That’s what religious hate is. Punishing people simply for being who they are. I’m sorry, but if you believe this, you’re not a good person. Your religion is no excuse for these sorts of monstrous beliefs.
Correction: This particular protest was at the Vatican, protesting the Vatican’s opposition to gay marriage. But that doesn’t take anything away from my argument. In fact, it would seem odd that this angry god then attacks Italy and the Vatican too.

I thought we’d moved on from blaming disasters on an angry god, thousands of years ago. Apparently not. I did not think we’ve moved on from hating minorities, I knew that, but the link between that and the angry god thing, that’s new to me.

You know… I started out homophobic as many of us do. It’s natural to be biased against what you don’t understand, almost like a fear of the unknown. It’s also normal to grow up and leave our childish prejudices behind. Isn’t it? It is for me. For me, the realization that some people are treated badly simply for being who they are was a wake-up call. I empathize deeply with them and struggle to understand why we don’t all feel this way.

Being prejudiced against someone for their sexual persuasion is bizarre, and so fucking arbitrary. I find it shocking because people do not choose their sexuality any more than they choose the colour of their eyes or whether they are left or right handed.

I didn’t always know many gay people until I got older. And then there was my ex, who is bisexual, ironically with as little understanding that some people only find one gender attractive as most of us fail to understand that some people like both. Yah – she once told me I need to go out and get myself a girlfriend or boyfriend. It really is a strange world we live in, in our little bubbles where most of us assume everybody else is just like us.

Edit again… The dude is still at it. Got to be a closeted self-hating confused gay guy. I’m not saying anyone should go after him or anything, but I did link his profile. Obviously his god will protect him from all threats because his god is real, unlike those other pesky fake gods.

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