A reminder: Atheism makes no claim–it doesn’t involve a theory for where the universe came from

The idiots in this Facebook group provide endless examples of how badly theists understand atheism.


What I love about engaging with idiot Christians like this twit is, as pathetic as his argument may seem, it is the same argument used by other, less moronic Christians. It’s stripped of all attempts at the pseudo-complexity you’ll get from clever theists, a bare-bones vacuous argument without the pretensions of wit, intellect or complexity because the poor intellectually challenged fellow isn’t capable of dressing it up.

We don’t know where the fucking universe came from. And I’m not speaking merely for atheists. None of us know. That’s the trick.

It is in our nature to make up an explanation when we don’t know. At its simplest, that’s what god is. The most obvious, direct answer to where everything came from when we don’t know, is something beyond our understanding created it all. Something we call god. But we could just as well call it magic. Same difference, fuckers.

That’s what we do. It’s how the human brain works. But for thousands of years, we’ve taken our hypotheses, tested them, and proven them wrong or less wrong, where less wrong gets closer to being right over time. That’s how science was born, and it is a fascinating process where knowledge accumulates and is corrected gradually, over many years and generations, a process that reflects evolution itself.

Religion, on the other hand, is comprised of claims brought to us from primitive people, claims that are never tested because there is nothing to test. And there’s nothing to test because those things, magic, gods, myths, call them what you want, are man made concepts. They do not exist outside of our imagination. To expect atheists, who reject your magical thinking, to then have some equal and opposite magical claim, is a common error that theists make. I’ve seen it over and over again, not only from idiots like poor J Alden Twat, but other smarter theists.

It’s almost sad, that with his question, he is so close yet so far from actually getting it.

3 thoughts on “A reminder: Atheism makes no claim–it doesn’t involve a theory for where the universe came from

    1. Not sure if it beats my other potential post, which includes a anecdote about how I thought I wasn’t panicking in the shops on Thursday, only to realize later that I was… panicked shopping, and 4 chickens, several large pies, several lamb chops, etc… were too much to fit in my freezer. Then a photo of the whole chicken I was thus, um…”forced” to roast myself for supper.


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