Stupid search strings (they don’t get much stupider than this)

Once again… this is one of those posts where I respond to a search string that brought a reader here. This one is short. I’m only bothering with one of these…

ways to counter negative crystal meth effects

  1. Don’t use crystal meth.

There. That was simple enough. Seriously, if you’re wondering “How to counter negative side-effects of shooting myself in the foot?”, you need to consider maybe not shooting yourself in the foot.


2 thoughts on “Stupid search strings (they don’t get much stupider than this)

  1. Excuse me sir hello, former heavy meth user here. I read your articles and it’s like you help more than therapists do. Hate to say that it seems like in order to help a meth user you would first have to be one but that doesn’t mean you don’t carefully extract the importance of gripping reality from a scary world in the mind. Instead of giving us five step methods. I really need your advice on this problem I am struggling with is there any way I can email you about it? I would greatly appreciate it, this could be my chance to finally not afraid so easily. Thank you.

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