Sorry, I deleted the last post

So I wrote about the Meghan Markle posts that are trending all over social media, and commented that it isn’t racism. But… I hadn’t actually read any of the tabloid shit. I have now. And maybe it is racism after all. Hence the post is deleted because I changed my mind. Sorry about that.

She is white, in my opinion. Just like my son is white, even though his one parent is not. My point was intended to be white is not a real thing but a social construct, and I couldn’t understand how someone who is one of the most privileged in the world can be a victim of racism. But yeah, if race is a social construct and she is a person of colour, or at least represents people of colour (even though she seems white to me) then maybe the tabloids treating as they have is indeed indicative of a level of racism, even in the UK, that I wasn’t aware of. That kind of sucks and made the whole point of my last post completely wrong, so it had to go.

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