In support of transgenders

OK, so I was going to write “You are my sunshine (Part 2)” about my son, but this can’t wait. The last few days I’ve read all about Harry Potter author, JK Rowling,  and her support of somebody who was fired for transphobic comments, and feel like it’s important to take a side here. There is only one side that I could ever support though, and I feel this with such conviction that I refuse to focus any further on anti-transgender rhetoric or Rowling herself. Suffice to say, anti-transgender rhetoric is either religious or anti-scientific.

My son and I have been watching Supergirl season 4, and a new cast member there is Nicole Maines, who plays new hero, Dreamer. She’s beautiful. Check out that second link to the video interview with her.

My view on transgender people is really quite simple: Imagine being born with a gender that mismatches the gender of your brain. Just imagine how difficult that must be. Then imagine living a lifetime where you are discriminated against because of who you are.

Remember that case a few years ago when when a teenager was barred access to a female bathroom because she was transgender? This was Nicole Maines, who takes that part in Supergirl. Now she’s making a name for herself as an actress.

I’ve used her as an example to try explaining what transgenderism is to my eleven year old son and I hope that he can grow up to be tolerant and fair, to treat everybody with respect as they deserve. Mind you, that will be easy for him since I’m raising him without religion, which it seems is the main source of hatred everywhere.

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