You are my sunshine (Part 1)

I’m having another horrible day in a horrible year, but maybe I can share something positive for a change. On December 15th, it was four years since my son Josh was returned fulltime to my care. Single parenting isn’t always easy, but I’m doing my best, and this kid of mine is the reason I’m still alive and kicking.

I don’t think I shared this before – actually I can’t remember, but I only received it when the social worker followed up months after foster care ended. Anyway, here is the document I received from my court date on December 15th 2015, when my son was returned to me.


4 thoughts on “You are my sunshine (Part 1)

  1. Be proud, Jerome. And happy.

    Josh is the sunshine of your life. I understand that.

    Don’t search for more sunshine in your life by approaching Josh’s mother. She’s rather the total eclipse of your life. She only brings shadows into your life and Josh.

    I know, and you know, that you’re a caring father, Jerome. In fact, you’re Josh’s own Daddy Bear.

    And now I hope you’re rebuilding and strengthening your private economiy again. From now on, decide to spend your money on Josh and yourself. Not on people – nomina sunt odiosa – who can’t be trusted.

    I wish you and Josh a Merry Christmas. And a Happy New Year. (You can get a foretaste by listening to: this Abba video: .)

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