Nobody is entitled to a response

I didn’t want to do this, but she won’t stop.




Regarding the phone… I had bought a new phone earlier in the year… a Huawei Y7 2019, and given her my old phone, a P8-Lite. But sadly I dropped my phone in the toilet, and it could not be repaired. I must have a phone, because I need to be contactable by my work. In fact I’ve been given a warning before for not answering on a public holiday. So I took my old phone back from her. Maybe it wasn’t nice but I had no choice.

But I bought her a new phone! That weekend she came back, right before she left on the Monday while I was at work, having stolen about R3400 (which is more than I paid for the Huawei P8-Lite, by the way) and other things. I bought her a Mobicell phone for about R1300. And now, of all things, she’s carrying on about this fucking phone, because (in between the messages shown) she WhatsApp called me and I mentioned I gave that phone to our son. (I bought a new Huawei Y7 2019 from the extra cash left over from the insurance payout, for my stolen car, which I suspect she stole.)

WTF? Let’s not even get into the point I made in the title, referring to her last line.

10 thoughts on “Nobody is entitled to a response

  1. I didn’t want to write this. It’s a last resort to hopefully discourage her continually asking me for money. If it results in too many messages from her concerned family members or something, I’ll delete it.


  2. It’s always hard for a person to break old habits, maybe especially bad ones (for instance asking you for money or, even worse, stealing money from you).

    If what you write is the truth and based on unquestionable facts, why consider deleting the post to please her relatives?

    On the other hand, Jerome, if you’ve got a blog, why not focus on writing posts that are interesting for a majority of your followers to read? I’m sure your fine blog has got more followers than Megan and her relatives.

    If I were to help someone, I’d have to be cocksure before i started helping him or her that s/he is not lying to me. And i’d build up some “checkpoints” and milestones that must be fulfilled/achieved by him/her before I send over any money.

    One such “checkpoint” might be, Confess you stole money from me and gave information to some criminals to steal my car.

    Another such “checkpoint” might be, Seek immediate help for your drug abuse. Show me that you have gone to a rehabilitation clinic. If you haven’t done that, then stop asking me for money. I don’t want you to spend my money on buying more illegal drugs.

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    1. The second suggestion is more or less what I replied to her the other day. She must get help, focus on herself and sort herself out. I’m not even accusing her of using drugs… But whatever it is, she needs to get herself sorted out and then we can talk some months down the line when she’s in a better space. She needn’t be ashamed or embarrassed about what she’s done – these are things that addicts do. But yes, admitting it would help a lot.

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    2. Oddly enough, people really seem to like the personal posts, even when I think they’re not very good. I guess people like a bit of drama, and also maybe many of us can relate to dealing with things going horribly wrong.

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  3. I agree, it’s like looking at the soap opera Dallas, sort of.

    You are the good guy, but naïve because you act as if you were Jesus, trying to save the soul of a woman who does her best to ruin you.

    It’s also like the tv show Allo, allo, Secret army. The café owner René in that show has always got a good explanation to his wife why he’s cuddling with the young waitresses. And René’s wife believes what her husband says. More than seventy times seven times. Although she’s got eyes to see with and ears to hear with.

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  4. This is pathetic and measly. By her.

    She seems desperate.

    And she knows you used to be the weakest link in her contact chain. But….

    …in negotiations both sides usually have something to offer.

    What does she have to offer you?

    Nothing but lies.

    Her best playing card so far has been – and still is – Aishah, because she knows you are so fond of that little girl. So Megan won’t give up her best – and maybe only valuable – playing card. Don’t even dream of it, Jerome!

    I guess Megan’s got just one more “valuable” playing card: her cunt. I think she’s sold that “commodity” to get illegal drugs in exchange. Many times. For many years.

    Please remember, Jerome, how she used her cunt to trade with while you still were a couple (and upu both were addicts).

    As I’ve told you many times by now, Jerome, Never ever trust that woman. At least not before she’s gone to a rehabilitation clinic. And stayed there for a while (not only for a day, or two).

    If she needs help, she can turn to her relatives. If her mother can afford flying to the Middle East, that same mother can afford to help her own daughter. Why should you be the one who helps Megan?

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    1. Her response to that was “I’m still the mother of your child.” I was thinking of writing a post titled “There’s more to parenting than fucking biology” but maybe I won’t… [Edit… I wrote it.]


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