Your approach to recovery should be subjective, and recovery doesn’t have to be for life

Today I spent some time randomly browsing some articles on Some of them are OK, like the one about Eminem celebrating 11 years of recovery. Some of them are shit. There’s this one about picking a rehab that works for you, filled with trite advice, some things that anyone with common sense would know, and some convenient platitudes that smack of generic bullshit advice to make you feel good.

The worst on there is not the article itself – some crap about Tim Allen, but the comments to it, from a bunch of not-so-free thinkers who are moaning about him breaking the 11th tradition. Or was it the twelfth? Who gives a fuck?

If you think recovery is formulaic and that you must follow a 12 step program and recovery has to be for life, and that works for you, you’re probably an idiot. I hate to break it to you. (I lie.) But there are probably more ways to live your life sober than anyone can imagine. There is no one right way to do it, and if you think there is, and you tell that to others in your stupid 12 step meetings, you’re probably contributing more harm than good at the end of the day.

12 step programs don’t work for everybody. There, I Googled that last sentence and here are three of the results I got right away: Here and here and here. When you enter those rooms, you get sucked into a cult of bullshit, telling yourself that recovery involves “working the steps” for life, and if you’re a dummy, you might fall for it. It might work for you, and props to you if it does, but it doesn’t work for most. You don’t get to see that it doesn’t work. Instead, you get to repeat the same trite bullshit that claims it does, and don’t see all the people who leave the program and relapse because it didn’t help them.

I have never worked my recovery, and am now two months past six years clean. I know I will never use again. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t give a fuck if a brainwashed moron thinks I’m a so-called “dry drunk” who will fail because I’m not working those stupid steps. I’m not writing this to reach those guys anyway. I’m writing this to reach those like me, atheists and other free thinkers who got sucked in and found it doesn’t work for them. Friends, you don’t have to keep trying to participate in a program that isn’t working for you. Just abstain. Find your own way and abstain. Personally, I found it better to stay the fuck away from other addicts, all addicts, even ones in recovery. I put my loved ones ahead of myself and that worked for me.

3 thoughts on “Your approach to recovery should be subjective, and recovery doesn’t have to be for life

      1. True story. I was on a script and my worker (top woman) arranged for me to go to a meeting. I was wary but went, I was no sooner in than I was being interrogated, who told me about meeting, worker, so I am not clean cos am on a script. They pissed me off to the point I never went back. Felt no love just judgement and I hear the alcohol one is worse. So fuck the dimb shit. I do me, good days and bad days with the crack but they are all my days and I accept them and me. I aint perfect but I am worth it, peace out bro.

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