Now my car was stolen

I went downstairs to get some washing off the line, and as I walked across the parking lot, I noticed my car is gone.

There isn’t much ore to say, is there? I live in a complex. I parked the car on Friday evening and have been home the whole weekend. if the car was already gone this Sunday morning when I hung the washing, I didn’t notice. So I can’t even say when it was stolen exactly.

I have my suspicions… but no evidence. WTF though? Like hasn’t enough gone wrong already?

3 thoughts on “Now my car was stolen

  1. Some people can kill for money.

    Anyway, I smell an insider job here. But I could, of course, as well be wrong.

    How far from your workplace do you live? And how does this theft affect Josh?

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    1. I reported it to the police, after my brother kindly gave me a lift there. Tomorrow he will give Josh a lift to school, and me to work, and I’ll make an insurance claim.


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