Reminder: The existence of patents is not evidence for anything other than the existence of patents (Mind control is not real)

People who believe in conspiracies fascinate me. And I cannot deny that I get a kick out of mocking them. It’s fun. But it’s not only the ones who believe in end times that intrigue me… One of my most popular posts is the one I wrote about the way meth voices start with pareidolia, and a surprise to me was that many of the comments on it were written by people who insist that the voices are real, and will continue to believe so no matter what anyone tells them.

So… voices in your head are always an hallucination. When you’re on meth, you’re high too, and may be paranoid. It’s normal in that state to be confused and be unsure whether or not the voices are real. I’m not attacking those people; I was one of them, and that has always been the foundation of my interest in the subject. But when you remain convinced that the voices are real even after the meth wears off, and worse yet even in sobriety, or you have another cause of the voices and believe that they’re real, that’s when you cross the line from someone experiencing hallucinations to someone who is delusional. Generally there are two delusions (that I’ve seen) held by people who believe that the voices in their heads are real:

  1. Demons/God is speaking to them.
  2. Their government or some other shady organization is trying to mind control them.

I see both cases as examples of the same underlying psychology. People believe in things for which no evidence exists. Be it gods or conspiracies, both are simply means to latch onto strongly held beliefs as excuses for assuming the voices are real rather than facing the fact that they are hallucinations. And in both cases, believers create this messed up cognitive loop where the subject of belief (assumed to be true) confirms that the voices are real, and the voices (assumed to be real) are evidence that the subject of belief is true.

Today I’m focusing on the latter. Mind control is not real. But that doesn’t matter to people who insist that it is. One of their most popular arguments is to mention that patents for mind control exist.

Yes, such patents do exist. So does this one:

Apparatus for Facilitating the Birth of a Child by Centrifugal Force


Click the heading to go to the actual patent.

Do you know anyone who was born by centrifugal force or anyone who gave birth by centrifugal force with such a device? Of course not – because this crazy device does not exist.

Many weird and not so wonderful patents exist. They are just ideas. Some of them are wacky; some are not. Oftentimes patents are filed by patent trolls who hope to cash in on future inventions. Companies file patents for technology that doesn’t exist, hoping to use patent law to their advantage… using litigation to obtain revenue from the intellectual property of others who at some point in future create those inventions. Millions of companies exist worldwide, companies whose entire business strategy is to rip off others without ever producing anything of their own. It’s so bad, companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple, file millions of patents of their own and have massive legal departments just to prevent being taken advantage of by patent trolls. Smaller companies sometimes get taken down completely by trolls using that strategy against them. There are many articles about patent trolls online. It’s unethical but legal to use the law in this way, taking advantage of the general misunderstanding most people have about patent law and of the fact that such laws exist in the first place.

So, don’t link to patents for whatever nonsense you believe in. Patents do not confirm that what you want to believe in is true. The existence of patents doesn’t prove that the ideas they patent are real. They are evidence only that somebody filed those patents.

Aside: There’s nothing stopping crackpots from filing patents too. The ones mentioned in the mind control article don’t look like ones created by patent trolls. They contain specific things like ridiculous circuit boards that somehow must then magically send a signal directly to your brain, making mad leaps of logic. They’re clearly pseudoscience and crackpottery at work.

Patent trolls’ patents are normally vague ideas that can be applied to lots of different technology, or obvious attempts at profiteering like the IBM attempt at patenting email in 2010. The ones linked seem dodgy, especially the one about using radio frequencies to make people hear voices, which seems suspiciously like something a delusional person would come up with. Since you now know that the ideas behind the patents need not exist, it should also be clear that many of them could simply be created by crazy people. Thus we have a situation where crazy people who believe in mind control file patents for mind control technology, and those patents are used by other crazy people to confirm the existence of mind control, leaving us with an ironic example of circular reasoning.

Here’s an example of one of the patents mentioned there:

Silent Subliminal Presentation System

A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.

The patent (abstract quoted – click the header for the link to the full patent) assumes that somehow using speakers playing sounds outside of the range of human auditory perception, our brains will perceive them anyway, and then be affected by this information that we can’t hear. By this logic, we are getting bombarded all the time by machines that vibrate at ranges outside of our auditory perception range, and we should really be worried about the wavelengths of light that we can’t see. It seems to be reliant on our belief in and fear of subliminal messaging. Many do not know this, but the initial claims about “subliminal advertising” were admitted to being falsified, and that claim remains the go-to narrative when anyone argues that subliminal messaging works. And that applies to visuals “flashed” quickly but not outside of human perception. The patent is claiming that we are somehow affected by messages outside of our perception. (More recent studies have shown that “flash suppression” can unconsciously prime an image in subjects, which lasts only a few minutes, and that’s nowhere close to being mind control. Once again, this is about flashing an image too fast for your conscious awareness, not about magically getting you to perceive audio stimulus that your senses can not perceive.)

Meanwhile in reality, if you “expose” somebody to audio that they can’t hear, it doesn’t affect them, because they didn’t hear anything. And even if we assume the patented “technology” somehow works, presumably using magic as the delivery mechanism, it still relies on an assumption that people will be controlled somehow by random audio that they hear. This is not the case. The closest that recent studies have shown is that people exposed to flashed images called “flash suppression” will be primed to select corresponding images for a few minutes. No such studies have been done on audio, never mind audio that you can’t even hear. Bullshit baffles brains.

I’m low on patience and in a bad mood because my car is broken down while I’m broke and it’s stuck at work. Don’t come here to argue with me and comment that mind control is real. Unless your comment is highly entertaining I’ll probably just delete it.

One thought on “Reminder: The existence of patents is not evidence for anything other than the existence of patents (Mind control is not real)

  1. I hope you are feeling better by now, Jerome. Or else, look at the photos of Josh and Aishah you published a moment ago on today’s blog post. You can’t be low with two such adorable children in your house.

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