Gay guys are hot…

Homophobia is not. This is a post about homophobia… Sorry if you got here expecting something else. Also sorry about not writing much here lately; I’ve been focusing a lot on my other blog.

Yesterday somebody at work asked me the oddest question… “What do you think about gay people? Do you like… not like them?” So the title, “Gay guys are hot”, was the start of my answer. Not sure where it came from, to be honest – these days my words seem to come before I get to think about them.

Here is the way I see it: Most people, like myself, are straight. A minority, but a large minority, are not. It’s the way we are born. We like what we like and that’s who we are. To hold that against somebody is crazy, not to mention hateful and just flat out wrong.

It’s not like I sat there one day pondering whether I like penis or vagina. I didn’t choose to be straight, and nobody chooses to be gay. Which leads indirectly to my next point… When I think about sex, I think about quite a few things… titties, vagina, pretty faces, blowjobs, FFM with two beautiful women, slap-slap-slap-slap… you get the gist, I’m sure. I don’t think about gay sex because sex in my mind involves me and one or more women. Like everybody else, when I think of sex, I think of my own experiences and fantasies from my point of view. So how come homophobes spend so much time thinking of gay sex? You know the answer, don’t you?

The only people who spend time thinking about gay sex are gay people. Every time there is a high profile homophobic preacher, politician, whatever… give it a few years and they get caught with prostitutes of the same sex, or some other scandal. Every time. If you’re homophobic, especially a homophobic man, chances are you are a self-hating in-the-closet gay man.

Humans aren’t the only animals that display homosexual behaviour. Many other animals do too. It’s normal. Being gay is normal, just less common than being straight. I didn’t always feel this way. I grew up homophobic like my parents and many of the idiots around me. But then I grew up. If you don’t like gay people, you need to grow up too.

3 thoughts on “Gay guys are hot…

  1. Interesting views, Jerome. As usual.

    I agree.with you. As usual.

    In fact it’s like being lefthanded or righthanded. You are (most often) born that way..

    So you can deny being homosexual but your brain is wired differently ( = in a “homosexual” way).

    A homosexual man has a brain wiring that resembles that of a woman. Homosexual women have a brain wiring resembling that of a man.

    But their hormonal mix still makes their bodies male or female (with some important exceptions).

    Cf: Caster Semanya, see Cf. women participating in tactical team sports like football/soccer, icehockey, basket etc:

    Then we have another important thing: sexual preferences. That’s something completely different.

    Preferences you learn.

    So you are not born a pedophile. You become a pedophile. Like you become a gerontophile, coprophile, necrophile and so on. Even preference for FFM is a learnt behavior (so who taught you that, Jerome, maybe it was one of your Sunday school teachers? 🙂 ).

    Anyway, religious people can’t see the difference. They believe homosexuality is a learnt behavior like pedophilia. And religious people, of course, also “know” that nonbelievers lack morals. That’s why we atheists are seen as potential mass murderers by the religious community. We should be removed (preferably killed) as if we all were like cancerous tumors – or like smallpox or polio – because we accept homosexuality.

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    1. Even preference for FFM is a learnt behavior (so who taught you that, Jerome, maybe it was one of your Sunday school teachers? 🙂 )

      I blame my ex, who had this fantasy of seeing me with another woman, which morphed naturally for me into a fantasy of me with both of them, and pornhub of course.

      We never got round to it though… being meth-heads back then we ended up having endless debates about who the other woman would be. And when we finally settled on an agreed partner, we could not find her. One of my greatest regrets… 🙂

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