Are these double standards fair?

Recently I got a seven day ban from Facebook, because I posted this comment…


Where is the lie?

Seriously, I’m not gonna play victim here… I called people trash and that violated Facebook Community Standards. However…

If you support Donald Trump at this point, it goes way beyond nationalism…

  1. When he speaks, in between the incoherent non sequiturs and outright nonsense (like troops taking over airports before aeroplanes were invented), he spews nothing but hate speech. Hate for immigrants, hate for black people, etc.
  2. He has paid hush money to a high class prostitute, and made her an international celebrity in the process.
  3. There are too many allegations of rape against him to ignore. Meanwhile his buddy Epstein, a convicted sexual offender, gets it easy, because of money and a white skin.
  4. Which brings us to Trump himself… even with all his privilege, he is still a failure at business, having lost more money than he made and having been bailed out of bankruptcy by his dad.
  5. The situation with refugees being dismissed as illegal immigrants and children separated from parents, and the concentration camps… is a crime against humanity.
  6. He has the support of conservative Evangelical Christians simply because he has money and hates the same people they do.
  7. That’s enough for me. There’s more, but that will do for me.

Yet people still support him. Everywhere on social media they argue about the fucking definition and legality of concentration camps. Look, arseholes, Hitler’s shit was also legal. The law is subjective and an evil regime has evil laws.

Which brings me to that image… MAGA and (you can’t see in that photo but) “TRUMP” printed down the side of her wedding dress… White trash is a fucking understatement. At this point, if you still support Donald Trump, you are evil and the scum of the Earth.

6 thoughts on “Are these double standards fair?

  1. You are right in what you say, but Facebook is also “evil and the scum of the Earth.” Also: Twitter. WordPress, on the other hand, has a pretty good comment policy, as in there basically is none.
    Facebook and Twitter do not need to be joined, supported, or allowed to exist.

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    1. Yup. What gets me is that they seem to take action against the wrong people. Hate speech is normally subtle, like the arguments I’m seeing all the time that detainment centers are not concentration camps, and the pointing out that those people enter the country illegally… when legality is something subjective and decided by the unjust government in question. So legality is irrelevant.

      But I’ve also seen plenty of feminists and other activists get their content removed.

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  2. Seven days? I can do that standing on my head! I’ve been in 30 day Face Book Prison so often they have a special cell with my name on it!

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    1. Well, I foolishly thought I could share a screenshot of the offending post in a comment after I was unbanned, without guessing they either run OCR or detect that it’s the same shared image, so now I’m on a 30 day ban.

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