A prayer with a nice border I printed for someone

Just because I’m an atheist doesn’t mean I have to be an arsehole. Someone I care for sent me this prayer via WhatsApp and asked me to print it for her…

Yes, I normally say that prayer doesn’t do anything, but what I mean is it only does something psychologically for the person praying, as opposed to whatever the subject of prayer may be. But that might be good enough… I mean, if she wants to pray and it means something to her, and doing so helps her feel good, then why not print it out and also make it look nice?

Don’t worry… I’m still an atheist and still don’t believe in prayer or god or any of that stuff, but I do believe in being nice, and I want her to be happy… plus I found some cute borders for prayers (to use in Microsoft Word – this is a screenshot since I can’t seem to embed that or a PDF here) on this page. I used the one with doves but there are a few good ones, including ones with praying hand images that would also work well for a prayer background. They’re a tad kitschy for my taste but I can see their appeal.

Actually I didn’t pay for the border image but used the built-in Windows photo editor to remove the watermark from the free version, which I guess is some kind of sin. May the nonexistent god have mercy on my nonexistent soul. (OK, so maybe I do have to be an arsehole, a little. Sorry about that.) But really, I have abstained from any analysis of the below prayer and any pondering about why anyone would pray to infant Jesus when he’d be a smidgeon older than that by now… so I am less of an arsehole than usual today… OK? Thanks for reading and may you be inspired to create your own documents with sentimental borders…


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