If you use the acronym SJW unironically, you are not part of the solution.

This post will be extra short because the point I need to make is simple, and yet those who disagree will do so no matter how much I try to clarify it.

There’s a lot of injustice in this world lately. The government of the most powerful nation of this world is being held ransom by a man with the intellect of a petulant child, just because he’s not getting his way, when his way is a border wall that won’t achieve anything anyhow. (He’s taking a badly overused TV and movie plot-point about illegals crossing the border as literal truth. His wall won’t stop anyone crossing via air, sea, tunnels, or even ladders. The American president is an idiot who doesn’t know the difference between fiction and reality.)

There’s injustice against women who ask simply to be treated as human beings, people of colour, pretty much everybody who isn’t straight or doesn’t identify as their birth gender, and anyone who doesn’t hold a religious belief. Depending on where you were born, you could be killed for any of those things. Meanwhile the religious thugs cry that they are being persecuted.

It’s like the world has gone mad. So what do we do? We who have little power… We write about it, on social media. We protest if we can. We are activists, and those of us who can’t make a tangible difference because we have no power, no authority to abuse unlike our oppressors…. at least try to reach the minds of others through writing.

And for that, for simply calling for equality, equal rights, fairness, civil rights, secularism, we are labelled social justice warriors, a pejorative. So if you use the term SJW, you’re not right. You’re not on the right side of history. In fact, you’re so far off you’re not even wrong. You’re just a fucking idiot.

2 thoughts on “If you use the acronym SJW unironically, you are not part of the solution.

  1. This isn’t even anything I intended writing. I’ve had a post in mind, a personal one… for over a month now, about my life and the various difficulties last year, especially dealing with my mother’s sudden death. Every night I have insomnia and I write it in my head – but every night it’s different.

    I wrote this post because, while checking out memes and entertaining myself on facebook, I again had to read some bullshit hatred about “SJW’s” by some conservative clown who undoubtedl has close to the IQ of a snoek.

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  2. You are dead on right with this post – anyone who wants to make fun of others for actually professing concern for the rampant and growing injustice in the world is – well, exactly what you characterize them as.

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