Normally employers pretend NOT to exploit the employees, but every now and then, there’s an exception.

Some random article just reminded me of this, so I thought Id share. There isn’t really much of a point. I walked out of my very first job interview. Here’s why…

It was 1996 and I’d studied electrical engineering at a place called Cape Technikon. It has a different name now. Anyway, the course involved four six month semesters and a year “in-service training” (employment somewhere) before you could get your diploma.

I’d finished studying – rather than do my first year, then work, then do my second year, I’d managed to get a student loan so that I could complete my studies and then work after being a fulltime student for two years. There were a few companies that offered in-service training and would also send people to interview students directly on campus.

I can’t remember what the company was called, but I showed up for the interview, and an old fart greeted me in the office. He started by telling me about the company, what they did, what their products were, etc. I acted interested, which is the appropriate thing to do, and asked what the offices were like, benefits, and so on.

His answer: “Oh, you start off at the bottom of the company like everybody else, wearing blue overalls.” So I thanked him for the interview, got up, and walked out. Fuck you. The end.

You don’t have to take shit from anybody just because they have authority to abuse. You just don’t. I found something better, not much better, mind you, because it turned out “in-service training” was the perfect setup to pay students who had not yet qualified as little as possible, and get away with it. But still… if someone tells you directly they will treat you the same as someone completely unqualified even though you are qualified – fuck them.


I was young and innocent back then. In reality, all employers exploit you. If you’re working class, i.e. weren’t born rich, that’s just the way it is. But some are worse than others. Find someone who treats you with dignity. That was the first, but not the last interview I walked out of. Job interviews are a two way evaluation and this is something that’s often overlooked; the employer evaluates the candidate, and the candidate evaluates the company. If you don’t like the company for whatever reason, there is no reason to pretend otherwise.

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