My mother was admitted to hospital yesterday

Excuse the lack of posts recently.

It hasn’t been the best year. Work-wise, this has been the toughest year for me, in a long time. I was responsible for a large portion of software that’s now in stores (here in South Africa) nationwide. In addition to that, I’ve been hopping from one project to another, one deadline after another, with more pressure that ever before and some of it unreasonable in my opinion, and on top of that, a dev lead who hasn’t been performing, such that I and others had to take up the slack. I could say more but it’s best not to. (On the positive side, I have been responsible for some innovative work that I can be proud of.)

I’ve been off sick for two days, but on the second day, I had to rush my mother to hospital as she had difficulty breathing. It turns out she has an enlarged heart and water on her left lung. So she’s been admitted, but we don’t know yet what the cause is. And when I called my brother to inform him, he told me that he doesn’t care because she has ruined his life. (But not in those words.) She has not.

Now, I have no help at home with my son, and it feels like I really am a single father for the first time. Last night I roasted some chicken for supper, with olive oil and peri-peri sauce. It came out rather delicious and I have some leftover for lunch today. But tonight it’s gonna be McDonalds, as I won’t have the time, and with that it’s off to work I go…

3 thoughts on “My mother was admitted to hospital yesterday

    1. He is at home alone. That’s OK though, as we live in a complex with a security guard, and there are several other children around.

      But I also have the option of letting his aunt pick him up. The aunt who used to foster him. I prefer not having that.


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