I’m sick of fake news. Aren’t you?

Just a short one today as I don’t have much time but do want to see another post on this new theme. I hope you like it and hope that it’s easier to read on mobile. Changing from the WordPress 2010 theme was long overdue…

Fake news. It’s everywhere now. I can’t scroll through social media without seeing at least one post making a claim that’s not only untrue, but is as far the truth as any claim could ever be, and redefines truth as lies.

Case in point, today I see this article that describes how US president and world renowned idiot Donald Trump is claiming that Jews are carrying out anti-Semitic attacks on themselves in order to make him look bad. Sorry Donnie baby, nobody needs to try making you look bad.

Yes, I’m in Africa. Also yes, this is not the first time I’ve written about Donald Trump here. The man is a menace. His actions and those of his minions affect us all. So to clarify, when I write “fake news”, I am not referring to what he calls fake news. He calls genuine journalism fake news. But outright fabrications by the far right are fine… Tremendous… Huge! As are conspiracy theories. In his tiny brain, false flags are a real thing. And I don’t mean false flags as in wartime operations, but as in conspiracy theories. According to him, climate change caused by humans is not a thing, but childhood vaccines cause autism and Barack Obama is really an alien who was born on the moon. (OK, maybe not the last one, but he does believe Obama was born in Africa.) Here’s a list of some of the bullshit that moron believes in.

The influence of the far right, and far right rhetoric, is here too. I guess it always was – this is the country that’s infamous for bringing the world the word “apartheid”, and racism didn’t disappear here, it just went underground. But it isn’t any more. It’s out in the open thanks to the US president. One can not criticize racists without someone playing the reverse racism or white genocide card; call out misogynists without the anti-feminists crawling out from under their rocks; share memes about punching Nazis without some twat suggesting that people who wave an actual Nazi flag and treat their fellow human beings as subhuman are not actual Nazis. And according to these very stable geniuses, Nazis were really socialists anyway. (Wrong.)

Meanwhile Trump supporters seem to live in their own alternate universe where the man can do no wrong. They laugh at their straw man, conspiracy theorist, and often outright propagandist version of the left, while credulously sharing the real fake news consisting of gushing accolades giving credit to Trump for things that other people achieved.

I truly am sick of it. What a fucking mess it is. Better men than him have been assassinated, you know…

P.S. There is no white genocide in South Africa. Donald Trump believes in that too though. Of fucking course.

3 thoughts on “I’m sick of fake news. Aren’t you?

  1. I, too, am sick of all fake news, especially those coming from president Trump’s mouth or Twitter account. (BTW, In Swedish his surname means sullen and moody. What a coincidence! Or rather, is it a coincidence?)

    But, Jerome, why did you write in your post that Donnie’s got a “tiny brain”?

    Don’t you know it’s very risky to reveal such highly classified informaton about the commander in chief of the U.S.?

    I know you don’t fear God, but aren’t you at least afraid of the FBI and the CIA? They can feel an urgent need to kill you because of this.

    Anyway, I hope you’ve got a bulletproof vest to wear tomorrow. Just in case…


  2. I just saw president Trump clash with CNN reporter Jim Acosta on tv.

    Now I suspect that you, Jerome, is spreading fake news.

    After seeing this press conference with Mr. Trump I doubt that he’s got a “tiny brain”.

    I’d rather guess he’s got no brain at all. At least no prefrontal cortex (PFC).

    Shame on the American president for treating the CNN reporter Jim Acosta the way he did.


  3. And I cannot get away from the face, the voice, or the dumb-as-it-gets comments. I saw a tee I would wear, but a follower would send me a bomb. It listed the few presidents and “made me want to…” comments. It said, “Trump made me want to be Canadian.” That’s true. Worse? More than 60-million of my countrymen voted for him.

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