My other blog is now private, until further notice

My programming blog is now private, and will remain as such until I can review its content.

This is due to a new confidentiality agreement sent to everyone by my employer. The terms used to describe intellectual property are ambiguous, and while its concept of proprietary information does exclude “generic knowledge that I would have learned in the course of similar employment elsewhere”, the clauses about source code are ambiguous enough to warrant a concern.

While I feel that the source code and programming examples I shared were generic, and were written at home to describe solutions for programming problems I solved at work, coded into examples that referred to no proprietary information from my employer, I can’t be certain that the content doesn’t contravene their definition of intellectual property.

My apologies to anyone who found this looking for the other blog, and to my followers of the other blog.

2 thoughts on “My other blog is now private, until further notice

    1. We received a strangely worded confidentiality clause at my work, and since my last blog post was all about creating a WCF service that “relays” XML POST requests from one c# WCF service to another… I thought that maybe they might claim I published the intellectual property of my employer on the blog.

      It isn’t really… I wrote the original code at work on a Friday, oddly when Josh and Aishah were at my work with me that day… then refactored and improved that code to be generic and reusable for any such service – over the weekend. And then I published that same code, with namespace changes, at work on the Monday. Also the code on their live service has changed since then.

      So not only was the code written at home, it is different to their live service. But I still think they could argue that it is their intellectual property, because I don’t trust them.

      Also I find the confidentiality agreement ambiguous and suspicious, so I thought it safe to take the whole blog down. I have often written programming blogs about problems I solved at work, so if they wanted to use any of those posts against me, they probably could. I just think it isn’t a fight worth fighting.

      Too bad… recently that blog was getting more views than this one.


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