Here’s something ironic to think about

I deleted my last post. Sorry about that but I think it was a little too personal and shouldn’t have been published publicly in that form.

But here’s something ironic I saw today that makes me think… It reminds me of the way so many theists like to call us atheists arrogant while claiming to have a personal relationship with the creator of the entire universe…


7 thoughts on “Here’s something ironic to think about

    1. Thanks for your comment on the now deleted post.

      Yes, I struggle with deciding what is too personal and what isn’t. Actually I don’t care when it comes to me really, but there’s a line that I have to be careful to cross, which occurs when writing publicly reveals personal info about other people in my life or even people like the one who harasses me from time to time.

      By the way, if I find your Gravitar profile, there are two website links, the second one does reveal your real name… On “You Know You Are A True Believer, If You As An Adult Still Believe In HCAs (Hidden Causal Agents).” Or is that a pseudonym?

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  1. Do you mean Helmer von Helvete? If so, that’s not my real name.

    Helmer means “the one who wears a helmet” (like the Vikings did), that is “a warrior” (kind of).

    Helvete means Hell, and von = from.

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  2. No need to feel sorry – readers should feel both voyeurism and empathy when reading such personal detail, with such a high degree of family-induced suffering.
    It’s always too bad that the concept of “family”has been associated with an incredible level of personal turmoil for so many allegedly “civilized” societies, but then there is the chance to engage in making a family structure of one’s own that does not promote blatant hostility.

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