Facebook jail is all too common now.

Again, I don’t have much to write. But there is one thing that I keep seeing… Friends returning after a stint in “Facebook jail”.

In almost every case, it is the same: They didn’t post anything that could be contrived to be hate speech, or nudity, or whatever they were reported for, not by any stretch of the imagination. Normally it’s activists who have pointed out hate speech or injustice or some other kind of abuse.

People like conservative Christian homophobic queen and child beater, the activist mommy, get to continue posting their vile hatred with impunity. It’s baffling.

Yet people who point out the hatred, as well as rape culture, fragile masculinity, racism, and misogyny, get reported and banned. Facebook’s algorithms to determine when to take reporting seriously seems to work best when their reporting features are manipulated by exactly those whose views should be shut down. Whether or not anyone’s views should be shut down is a matter of opinion, of course, but in any case, if any should be punished, it is those people who are doing the reporting.

6 thoughts on “Facebook jail is all too common now.

    1. I went on a crazy tangent of sending lots of friend requests last year, to anyone who had more than 5 mutual friends, then 100, then… Now there are people who have over 900 mutual friends and I have over 2000 friends. (Now I no longer normally send out friend requests, but have over 100 people who requested me, and I never get through the whole list.) But in the process, I added some “bad apples”. Most of my friends are atheists like me, but there is one flat earther and there were many whose political views were too conservative for my thinking. I removed those with hateful views, but also enjoy reading views that are different to mine, but also honest. Too often I see people who immediately dismiss opposing views and I don’t think that’s the way to go. We can all be wrong.

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    1. True. The flat earther is there for comic relief.

      I mean that I have friends on the left who have criticized me for not blocking those with views that lean right. While it’s true that right leaning views tend towards discrimination, I like to understand their views. I like to get a feel for what rhetoric they find convincing and so on. Sometimes there are legitimate arguments in there, sometimes not. Even criticism of Islam sometimes crosses a line to criticism of Muslims/immigrants and the intentions of those with such views may be good. This is where I think it’s better to understand the motivations and thinking behind the points of view that simply write them off.

      I tend to often think everybody is wrong, but some people are more wrong that others…

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    2. I even have friends who criticize feminism unfairly, and I believe that their criticism is rooted in a complete misunderstanding of what feminism is really about. Female friends… I’m not going to block them all just because their views are different to mine.

      But it gets weird when some friends call others idiots in FB status comments, and then block each other. Then months later they meet each other’s alternate accounts and go through the whole thing again.

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