What would you like me to write about?

Commenter James suggested on the About page comments that while I might know more about meth, I am holding back. He might have a point.

I write about whatever is on my mind, and lately, the subject of meth and addiction just isn’t there. It’s not like I’ve forgotten, but those memories aren’t fresh any more. The reality of living with addiction every day is something I have to concentrate to remember. In some ways, it seems unreal now. I suppose that is to be expected, because in just under three months time, I’ll hit my five years clean milestone.

The last couple of times I wrote about meth and addiction were inspired by my looking through the search strings that brought readers here. Of course many of them will thus relate to already written posts, such as… that post about meth voices and how they start which will never go away, and the comment section there has taken on a life of its own. But sometimes the search strings do ask interesting questions that trigger memories for me.

So, if there is anything about meth and addiction, or living with addiction, that you’d like to know, feel free to suggest it in the comments, and I’ll try my best address whatever it might be.

Actually I’m going through something of a writer’s block at the moment too… I have this draft that’s been hanging around since last week, that just doesn’t feel finished. Not about meth or addiction or even skepticism, but about race… A friend asked on a popular local atheists group if other (black people because she is black) prefer being called a person of colour, or black, and she hates being called a POC. So I thought I’d tackle the issue of race. Race, racism, class distinctions which are often still attached to race, and white privilege are complex issues here in South Africa, and I’m unhappy with the post as written. Don’t know if I’ll ever publish it. But regardless, feel free to suggest what you’d like to read from me and I’ll try to get it done.

6 thoughts on “What would you like me to write about?

  1. You write, “[soon] I’ll hit my five years clean milestone.

    Why not write more about your success story? How do you explain – to yourself and others – that you’re still clean, although life sometimes during these years seems to have been very tough for you.

    In short: What made you succeed where others failed?

    AND: Why not write more about life in South Africa? About tensions in the society, about the religiosity and the religions in your country. How is it possible to believe, like once Jacob Zuma told us, that showering after sex usually prevents HIV infection? How can people believe that it’s possible to resurrect dead babies by healing them by touching them and praying to Jesus?

    And finally, continue giving good reasons for agnostics and atheists to reject religious dogmas. Show your followers the fallacies that are so common among apologists and theologians.

    Write a lot about the incompatibility of science and religion. I often meet religious people that tell me they accept science and the scientific methodology to gain knowlege (by measuring, observing and logical reasoning). But when it comes to their own religious faith, they don’t need evidence. Instead, it’s enough if they’ve had a revelation (like hearing God speaking to them or meeting an angel or two).

    What apologists want most of all seems to be that science corroborates their religious faith. That’s why they are so fond of the fine-tuning argument and other God of the Gaps arguments.

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    1. Some good ideas.

      Life has been hard but I have never been tempted to use meth, not even for a moment. And a five years clean post should be something to aim for.

      Life in SA could be an interesting one too. Maybe I can lean my unfinished draft in that direction.

      The incompatibility of science and religion is a great one too. Especially in light of the fact that the religious don’t see the incompatibility, and this is found in NA/AA and other 12 step programs to recovery too.


  2. Jerome,
    why not write about the down and dirty anecdotes you must have from the mean streets of Muizenberg/Capricorn? You did a few and they were great, but you must have more? I can relate to you as I have been there (2004-2006) and I also escaped, although I go back occasionally. We probably knew the same users, pushers etc.

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    1. Strangely I have forgotten the names of quite a few of the people from those days, except for a few who stand out, like Laska and Graham, Aldino… Fabrice because everybody knew Megan was with him except me and that was embarrassing as well as horrible when I was left alone with a baby at night while she fucked around, and some twat named Ryan who kept trying to steal the fucking hot water cylinder. I’d come out the shower and there they were, Fabrice and twat Ryan with his toolbox.

      But yes, I might have a few anecdotes left. The other big post I’m thinking of writing is about the three years after rehab in 2009, when I relapsed and how I eventually cleaned up for good. But the anecdotes will be easier to write, and might be funny.


    2. There was this guy and his girlfriend who lived in Wherry Road, Muizenberg, I think. can’t for the life of me remember their names. They were the ones who helped me realize that my paranoid suspicions about my GF cheating on me were not paranoid suspicions after all. It was hard to tell what was real and what wasn’t back then. Ironic that I should have trusted the voices in my head more than my girlfriend.


  3. Jerome, first i would like to apologize for the way i came about to you regarding the subject of meth. I should not use you to publish whatever is on my head. Would be a great idea to create my own blog to share my view of meth. Btw your webpage is dopeee, i been trying to learn to code.

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