Annoying neighbours who talk all night are probably high

It’s been the longest month for me. Josh’s birthday, two doctor visits, and a few extra expenses on top of my already increasingly expensive life, ending with a long weekend and no pay until Monday, has left me utterly broke. I’m writing this offline since my data and air time is finished too, and I tether my Android phone for an internet connection at home. (I’ll probably tether it to publish this out of the R50 air time I bought, and then immediately disconnect again.) So I played a lot of Diablo 3, and my characters are now Paragon level 667.

When not playing Diablo 3, I tried to sleep last night, but that was difficult, thanks to a neighbour talking non-stop until about 4AM. When you live in an apartment block or complex with the units close together, such sound travels at night. Anyway, this reminded me of something that I’d forgotten about after a few years of clean time…

When someone parties and then talks all night, there’s a distinct difference to their voice if the are drinking alcohol versus if they are using drugs. Drunken banter is quite easy to recognize. We’ve all heard it and we know when people are drunk and their voices carry at night. But the voices of people on drugs, be it meth, cocaine, or crack cocaine, don’t sound like the voices of drunk people. They sound almost normal, except for the fact that they don’t fucking shut up. They drone on and on, switching between monotonous bullshit to excited about bullshit to angry about bullshit, for hours on end.

If you were never a drug user, or never hung out with drug users, you might easily not notice. But being someone who was, I do notice, especially when my moron neighbours don’t fucking shut up. The whole fucking night.

I was thinking of how to explain what meth-heads sound like, and then it occurred to me that I don’t need to. If you have ever heard a speech by Donald Trump, you know exactly what I mean. I’m not saying Trump is a meth-head. I don’t know or care what his problem is and why he speaks the way he does, but he certainly makes a perfect example of how meth heads and other “upper” abusers speak… letting rip with rambling unfiltered streams of consciousness that make little to no sense. His recent call to TV show Fox and Friends (which I saw online on YouTube) was a perfect example. He spits out a sentence randomly, one that isn’t relevant to anything anyone else has said, and begins to make a point, and then at a loss for words, he throws in a “filler” sentence, something like “and this is really tremendous”, or “this is really really important”, or “a lot of people are talking about it”, or a needless name-drop, and then he forgets what his point was. So he switches the subject, spits out another nugget of uselessness, and follows it up with yet another filler sentence or three, and then loses his track yet again. And so he goes on. And on. And on. Luckily for him with the call to the TV station, he had a presenter on his side to cut the conversation before he further incriminated himself.

So now you know. If you have neighbours who talk all night and don’t sound drunk, they’re probably high on meth or a similar substance. If you need to know what tweakers sound like, look no further than any babbling speech by Donald Trump. I’m not saying he’s a junkie, but he does sound exactly the same as one.

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