My beautiful son is ten years old now

Last Monday Josh turned ten years old.

I can hardly believe it. This time has passed so quickly. While there were ups and downs that I have mentioned recently, I could not love my son more, and we are closer than ever. I still remember his birth as clearly as if it happened yesterday.

A couple of days ago, he fell asleep on my bed after tiring himself out playing on the Xbox. I took a quick photo, but thought it came out blurred, and didn’t even check it, as I have not taken many good photos with this phone. So I forgot all about it, until he found it last night.

I sent it to Megan as well, and she reacted quite emotionally, saying she wished she could kiss him goodnight. Yeah, things are not what I wanted, and they aren’t perfect, but this son of mine is the closest to perfection I know, especially when he’s asleep…


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