Mind control isn’t real because nobody cares about you, among other reasons.

Recently there were some comments on this blog (starting here) asserting that mind control is a thing because meth addicts are tuned in to the government frequencies (or something)… Don’t pay attention to the original comment too much as I’m more interested in those by the person who replied to him, who believes in those things even though she knows meth voices are only in her head. (Edit: This post isn’t directed specifically at that commenter. It’s for anyone who believes in mind control and other conspiracies about the “elites”.)

Here’s the thing… The “elites” are not who you think they are. They’re just people born rich. Depressingly, that’s the way it goes these days. The Middle Class is falling away as the cost of living increases. The poor stay poor, most of us are joining them, and the rich get richer because money makes more money. Most of us will never be rich, no matter how hard or how many hours we work. Those exceptions you hold up, like Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates… are just exceptions. They got lucky.


Rich countries are rich because in the past, colonialism was a thing. They stole gold and other resources from poor countries. That’s why the British royal family is rich. That’s why they have those famous jewels; because they stole the minerals from Africa. Almost everybody who is rich, is so because their ancestors ripped off poor people. And almost the only people who will get richer are those who are already rich. With few exceptions, the only time elected officials (who got there because of their background being rich people) care that you exist at all, is when they are making promises pandering to your needs so that you can elect them.

So, if you believe in mind control by the elites, I have to ask… What would be the point?

They don’t need to control you. You are not an issue. Your circumstances, the circumstances of your birth, already put you in your place. You don’t matter. This applies to ordinary people, almost all of them. I’m not even considering the tweakers who may or may not think the voices and other sounds in their heads are real.

Why in the sweet fuck would anyone care what a tweaker does? Whether you’re tweaking on making a plan to get your next hit, or making the perfect case for your meth pipe, or finding the perfect hidey hole for packets of meth in your car, or rearranging your fucking socks, nobody gives a fuck about you. What would be the purpose of controlling you? To see how long it takes on average for tweakers to hide under the bed? Get a fucking grip.

I can see how conspiracy theories like the ones about chemtrails and other mind control conspiracies might be comforting. If the conspiracy were true, it would make you important. If someone were calling the shots and controlling you, even if that someone was evil incarnate, it would mean someone cared that you exist. It would mean that you matter. But you don’t. At least, not to those so-called elites. They’re just rich people, and they’re doing whatever rich people do, without even the shortest fleeting thought about people like you and me. So pull your head out of your ass and get on with life in the real world. Focus on what is real and what does matter, not your conspiratorial fantasies.

6 thoughts on “Mind control isn’t real because nobody cares about you, among other reasons.

  1. I don’t think you are grasping what mind control is. Mind control isn’t exactly control it is more like mind influence. Nobody can have control over someone else’s mind but they can have influence. It is real and every single one of us is a victim of mind control (influence) everyday. Some examples of this would be education. Communist and Fascist tyrannies throughout history have used “education” to teach impressionable children how things should be by manipulating them to grow up and fight for their agendas. Advertising is a huge one. Our lives have been infiltrated through our devices and our data is sold and everything that comes up on our screens was made based on our interests. They turn our wants into needs. Propaganda is a huge one. They use the modern police state with a snitch culture and add a little war on terror, racism, and gun control, they just divided us into huge groups on either side of the fence. They use movies, social media, television, and cable news. If one keeps hearing the same message on all the news broadcasts it ultimately becomes true. For example the news has done many stories on chemtrails. They always have some scientist explain the difference between a contrail and a chemtrial and blah blah blah. So they now have a majority of the people believing chemtrails are conspiracies when in fact they are not and they have been using chemicals since the 1930’s for weather modification. I have done extensive research on this and I have found numerous patents from the governments patent website dating back to the 1930’s. These patents go into detail about what chemicals they are using and why and even have diagrams of the first apparatus’s they used to spray the chemicals. They also openly talk about weather modification in legislative meetings and the head Geoengineer from Harvard University has had numerous interviews about his plans to put sulfuric acid in the sky claiming it to be one of the biggest weather experiments to date. So how anyone can claim conspiracy theory still to this day baffles me. Their is predictive programming, sports, politics, and religion just to name some more. How do you suppose cults find a following? How they are able to convince people that their god is the only god? Or the words of the politicians who make sure you are hearing what good they will do if elected? Millions and millions of dollars run through all of these organizations and they do nothing but “influence you” to fit their agendas because you are the reason they are rich and staying that way and they are exempt from paying taxes. Lets not forget drugs. All mind controllers want you addicted to something. If you are addicted to drugs well you are not using your full potential. If you question authority then they will diagnose you with some sort of disorder and medicate you. The military is huge in mind control. The use of nerve gas has led to a record number of suicides. Now 25% of children in the U.S. are on mind numbing medication. I could go on and talk about electromagnetic fields, computers, television, military testing but I won’t. If you truly believe that mind control isn’t real then there is nothing I can do to change your mind. Meth or no Meth mind control is very real. I control the voices because I control my mind. I never said that the voices were them doing mind control. They do care about each and every one of us because we are the reason they are rich and continue to stay that way. We work hard to stuff their pockets, we buy their products, we hand over part of our checks for taxes and to the churches for our salvation. We are not inconsequential to them at all.


    1. You’re conflating a whole bunch of different things. Of course we are influenced by propaganda and advertising, but so what? We’re also influenced by religion, and although I don’t believe it is a tool to control people, it would be a far more effective tool than what you’re proposing. A conspiracy of the size you suggest would require cooperation and collusion on a scale that would be impossible to achieve – between not only scientists and different parts of your governments, but others in similar organizations all over the world. And for what? This post was about the fact that there is no need to control people whose lives don’t make any difference anyway. But what you propose is crazy.

      The other point I tried to make is that all people are just as focused on themselves as you are. While you think they are watching you or trying to control you, or whatever, other people are equally focused on themselves. Politicians are for the most part focused on personal gain, scientists are focused on science.

      Contrails are just clouds formed by condensation. It’s easy to find out how they form, and there is no excuse for believing in nonsense like chemtrails.


  2. I don’t understand how you could think that religion isn’t used as a tool to control people when in fact it is one of the biggest tools they use. I’m not sure exactly what you think I’m proposing about a conspiracy on a global scale because I have not proposed anything like that. I’ve simply stated mind control is real, it does happen and there are other people’s agendas behind it all. I know that my life as a single doesn’t mean anything to anyone but my life as a collective with others does mean something. They may not be “watching” me as in under surveillance but they are watching. They are watching all of us. They watch everything we look up, they watch everything we buy and they sell our information to companies on a daily basis. They know what kind of devices we use and what operating systems, how long we stay on them, what we shop for and anything else we do on-line. That is what I mean by them “watching” me. Have you ever read the user agreements to things on-line? Anything you download tells you they sell your information which means you are the product. You said it yourself that people focus on themselves, politicians are focused on personal gain…how do you think that they get to where they are and do what they do without us? All those entities I mentioned above do have their own agendas and it doesn’t matter what they have to do to get it they will do it. What proof do you have that chemtrails are nonsense? What exactly do you think it means when the governments across the globe tell us they are spraying aerosols in the atmosphere to reflect the sun back into space to cool the earth down because of climate change? Do you think they stand outside with an aerosol can in their hands and spray it towards the sky? How do you think then they get those aerosols into the atmosphere if chemtrails are fake? I cannot waste my energy trying to explain this to someone who twists my words around to make it seem like I’m some crazy paranoid person who is being watched and controlled. It’s not just me, it is everyone. Facebook sells all your data, monitors your posts and when you post something they don’t like, they remove it for you. Your phone tracks you everywhere you go to give you “suggestions” on were to eat and shop based on where you have visited and shopped before. I turned off my location services three times because I was sick of shit popping up on my phone. It would come back on by round four I all of a sudden have a restriction on my phone with a passcode blocking me from turning my location off. Just my location, I can adjust any other settings but that one I need a code for. That is them watching me, you and everyone else with a smartphone or device. When I wanted to learn more of the governments mind control programs it is to educate myself. They use it war, in questioning prisoners of war, on civilians where wars are fought. It is a weapon that even hitler used on civilians to keep them submissive. If you want to think I’m some crazy paranoid tweaker that’s fine, I really don’t care that much because I know who I am and what I’ve learned is real. I will leave you with one piece of evidence that will connect you to many more pieces when you click on the referenced patent numbers. This is actual government documents and the governments actual patent database. So you are hearing and seeing it from the government themselves and if you still don’t believe it then there truly is no hope that you will ever see the truth or fully understand what is really going on in the world.
    http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/patents/patent-3613992.pdf All of the information dates back to the thirties and brings you to the present.


    1. I don’t see how religion controls anyone. It seems to me to be mostly run by sincere, albeit deluded people who genuinely believe in their gods, and think they are doing good, even when their views are hateful to women, gays, transgenders, people of colour, etc. And of course there are the Joel Osteen type con artists all over the world who make loads of money of the gullible.

      You leap from that subject to data sharing without any hint of a connection and without a paragraph break. I’m wondering if this is the meth speaking? It makes your comments difficult to follow.

      Your personal data is used for personalized advertising. I see ads relevant to me, or at least relevant to my data and previous activity on sites like Facebook, and on Google I see search results customized according to my preferences and my search history. As a software dev I’m well aware of how useful data is. It’s all about making apps smarter and more relevant to the people using them. The people working on those apps that scrape your data are programmers like me, writing algorithms such that their apps use the data smartly according to the way it is categorized, and so on. Nothing nefarious about it and all the hype you see is just fear mongering. It’s absolutely not about watching people or controlling anybody.

      Of course you have to be careful about where you share certain info like banking details, and make sure it is only transmitted over secure encrypted connections because there are criminals out there.

      I’m only concerned about data leaks when it comes to stuff like banking details and government records. Criminals gaining access to data is a real danger. But it rarely happens.

      Chemtrails aren’t real because the belief in them is all about people not understanding how contrails work. The science behind it is not complicated and it comes down to them simply being clouds. But people who believe don’t want to hear that but will rfather reach for contrived explanations based on crazy motivated reasoning. Belief in them requires implicitly that there be a massive worldwide conspiracy to hide the truth, because the commercial airlines that people wrongly claim to be sptraying chemtrails fly all over the world, and it would be impossible to hide this kind of thing.

      I didn’t read the rest of your comment.


  3. You seem like a smart man.

    Next time you are in a group social setting where people are talking I want you to stand within close vicinity of them and eaves drop. Learn things about the people you are listening to.

    You can use this information to approach them and engage them as a “known”. Conversationally directing anothers mind, “control”.

    They teach you this tactic if you are a phone operator. Gotta control the conversation and steer it in your favor.

    Secondly the power of suggestion can be done directly by the techniques stated above or indirectly by “whispers”.

    We have all had at least one moment in our lives where we have over heard something and cracked a joke silently under our breath only to suddenly have someone else blurt out your joke to recieve laughture.

    That is a subliminal drop using a whisper tone. Its less about control and more about disruption and psychological exploit.

    No one who is actively hearing the broadcast thinks their under control. They just notice the active attempt at disruption and have to deal with it by redirection.

    There is also a technique known as speech jamming in which you yourself can play with if you have some in ear headphones.

    What happens is your microphone picks up your voice and then relays it back as a delayed and decay factor much like the snapback a singer gets hearing themself sing at the challange of room reverberations.

    If delayed and decayed at a specified rate it jumbles the speech center disabling your ability to finish a sentence.

    All of this is commonly known.

    Imagine deploying it with a team that needs to practice to stay “ready for war”.

    The lottery exists in the form of draft. Some of your numbers might have just been called.


    1. Not sure how you leap from subliminal messaging to mind control. Or even why you think it would be necessary. Nationalism is a thing, especially in countries like the US, but even in my country too… and such things are easy to manipulate with propaganda.

      Mind control isn’t real and no sane person believes it is.


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