My beautiful son

This past Saturday, my son’s school had a Valentine’s dance. I didn’t take him last year, but this year he really wanted to go, so we did…

It was a little weird for me, as others made an evening of it, taking bags and snacks with, and the couples sitting at tables under two large tent covers, often with more than one child. Awkward me walked around with Josh, or sat around as far as I could reasonably get from the crowd.

Here’s how he looked with the glow in the dark wristbands and purple spray on his hair…



After I saw how he looked with the purple in his hair, I was almost shocked… When did he get so good looking? Actually this will sound horribly conceited, but I always had a high opinion of my own looks, especially as a child… but I think he looks better than I did. I was never quite pretty. But I do recall how the girls, and later the women, love the pretty boys. I see trouble ahead.

It was a fun evening. Josh and the other boys his age don’t really dance… The run around and like to slide on the floor. In the hall, the older kids danced, and so did some oddball parents. There was this one guy in his mid thirties, his combed back thinning hair in a goofy bob as he danced with his children. A white guy with no rhythm who didn’t really belong anywhere near a dance floor. He reminded me of an awkward kid I used to know… But that’s what we do, right? We awkward kids grow up to be awkward parents… teaching by example about things of which we know little. But I will enjoy this while it lasts, while he is still young enough to think that Daddy Bear knows what the heck he is doing.

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