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I’ve been reminded again how important tolerance is. Another person who’s highly religious liked my comment somewhere… and again it made me think about how we can all learn from each other, in the context of recovery.

I can read a recovery post from a religious friend, and then ignore the bits that don’t make sense to me – like where he or she thanks god for his or her sobriety. I can also ignore the bits where they say they are writing because god instructed them to go out and do so. Whatever floats your boat… beliefs like that do not cancel out the genuine progress you have made in your journey through life. Unless of course, everything you’ve done has been due to a placebo effect. I hope that isn’t the case though.

Your belief doesn’t define who you are, despite the way so many of us have this us verses them attitude and tend to dehumanize those whose views differ from ours. Often we can find insights into our own lives from people who have vastly different belief systems and backgrounds. And yet I am so good at chasing them away with my anti-theism!

I don’t know how to stop (the anti-theism). Maybe I can find a middle ground? A place where I write for everybody while still remaining irreverent when it comes to mocking the extremists? I must just stay away from those darn debate groups – you wouldn’t believe the extremes of idiocy there unless you see it for yourself.

One thought on “Tolerance

  1. Jerome, you wrote: …”you wouldn’t believe the extremes of idiocy there [on the religious sites and blogs] unless you see it for yourself.”

    It’s the same here in Sweden. Religious faith has many similarities with mental insanity.

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