I watched Justice League twice and loved it both times

This is not a review but rather my opinion of the state of super hero movies in general…

My son is with his cousins at my brother’s place this weekend, and after taking him to watch Justice league last week, I decided to watch it again, so yesterday I took my mother to watch it. We both enjoyed it.

And yet I’ve heard that there are bad reviews out there, criticizing it for bad editing of all things. For the record, there are no major plot holes, at least nothing that jumps out at you. There is also no lack of continuity between the DC movies, and nothing jumps out as being complete nonsense. My only slight criticism could be that Wonderwoman knows who Steppenwolf is, despite starting out believing that she was crafted from clay in her own movie. It’s implied that she learned this from the Amazons, and that doesn’t exactly fit with the way she was when she left their island. Still, she had a hundred years and maybe she learned some shit in between…

If we compare the DC movies to the Marvel ones… The foundation of the Marvel heroes is Iron Man. And let’s face it – there was one good Iron Man movie: the first one. The second one was stupid, what with hundreds of Iron Man suits flying around and looking fake as porn orgasms. As for the third Iron Man movie – let’s just forget that existed at all. Captain America Civil War… had characters acting out of character to further the plot. Spider-man Homecoming… had a watered down Spider-Man with no spider-sense and a stupid costume that did everything for him, in some ways redefining the laws of physics to do so. Even my son called it Iron-Spider-man. That movie sucked. All in all, the Marvel movies have been a mixed bag of some movies that were alright, and some that were really bad. And yet they all received good reviews.

There’s a bias in the media… People diss DC like they diss Microsoft while writing their negative reviews in Microsoft Word.

And if I think back about the older movies… The Superman movies with Christopher Reeve are the yardstick for all superhero movies… There were two good Superman movies… And even then, the second one featured some strange mistakes that wouldn’t be tolerated nowadays. It starts with the villains Zod and friends being resentenced to imprisonment in the Phantom Zone, by technology that no longer exists from a planet that is gone. Presumably it was supposed to repeat how they got there for anyone who missed the first movie, but without Marlon Brando’s Jorel. In retrospect it made no sense. Then after they were freed, the flew through space, chatting despite there being no atmosphere, and commenting that their powers seemed to be coming from “that blue planet over there”. Firstly that’s not how the Kryptonian mythos works, and secondly they would have known about Earth and their powers from a yellow sun. I’m not going to get in to Superman 3 and I’ll pretend that Superman 4 was never made…

The point is, Justice League is a good movie, and the DC movie universe makes a lot more sense to me than the Marvel movie universe. Batman versus Superman was a bit too dark, but they didn’t make the same mistake again, and all in all, the DC movies are better than the Marvel ones for this comic book movie fan…

There’s also good chemistry between the characters in the movie, and I must comment that Ezra Miller’s Flash is so much better than that annoying whining guy who wears the costume in the TV series. So if you haven’t watched Justice League yet, check it out. But don’t pay any attention to the biased reviews with their anti-DC agenda.

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