We are all more alike than I ever thought…

Not much of a point to this one… I’ve already started working this morning, but while I wait for this humongous database to restore, I have time to write something short…

Lately I feel like I understand my fellow humans more than ever. It’s weird. Despite our upbringing, our locations and our beliefs, we are often so alike, it can be eerie. “Eerie” is probably the wrong word – I mean something with a positive connotation, but fuck it; I don’t have time to find a word that makes more sense.

This morning I shared this:


And I got those reactions quite quickly. It’s early so there will be more reactions to come.

The other day I shared something like this:

Sometimes I reply with a really stupid comment and then I delete it because it’s so stupid but then I wonder if he or she already read it and I feel even more stupid for deleting it.

(Run on sentence deliberate.) That resulted in a massive number of likes and “You are not alone” comments.

I’m still not sure why I’m sharing this… not exactly. But it makes me feel good, it gives me hope, to know that we are often so similar. I spent so many years feeling lonely, so many years not fitting in. And yet there are so many people like me. If you’re one of them, maybe it’s good to know?

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