Are you waiting for Jesus to return? Don’t hold your breath because there is no situation that would satisfy your wait.

This is one of those things I think about every so often and have a good laugh.

Earlier I saw this question posed on an atheist group:

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately into the Bible. On a level that I never did before. And even assuming that the Abrahamic God exists I could not accept Jesus. All the false prophecies and misquotations and so on to “prove” Jesus as the Messiah.

I feel almost sorry for the Jews. It makes complete sense from a theological standpoint that Christianity is false. Does anyone else feel this way too?

This was my reply:

12-10-2017 10-31-34 AM

Maybe it needs elaboration?

Let’s play a little game… Assume all three Abrahamic religions are true. In reality, they can’t all be true at once, but don’t worry about that.

We start out assuming the Jews are right. Then, the Christians claim that Jesus is the messiah that they were waiting for. Let’s assume they were correct. To make that claim, they had to impose their own meaning on prophecies from the Torah, meaning that would never be accepted by Jews. Then, we are left waiting for Jesus to return. As a Christian, that is your purpose: To wait.

The Muslims go off on another tangent completely. While claiming to “accept” Jesus, they redefine who he was. So we have another Abrahamic religion, one that similarly can never be accepted by Christians. Just like the Christians claim they follow the god of the Jews and yet their doctrine contradicts its source material in such a way that their theology is obviously false and does not follow from the prophecies it claims to fulfill, so does Islam contradict Christianity. However, in both cases, someone indoctrinated into the respective religion will not realize the truth, since their indoctrination includes being taught their own holy text, which has already altered its own source.

But let’s take a step back. The Christians are waiting for Jesus to return. Under what conditions can that wait be satisfied? The answer, ironically, is none. The world has moved on in the last two thousand years. Most people, and let’s ignore the crackpots, do not credulously accept anyone who claims to be god. No matter how sincerely Christians might believe that their saviour is coming back, even if it were true (and it is not), if he actually came back, they would never accept him. And if anyone succeeds in making a strong enough case for being the returned saviour, in reality nothing will change. They’ll just be another charismatic human making claims while the world continues to move on. The best they can achieve is to start yet another Abrahamic religion. (Hey, at least this time maybe we can have a daughter of god?)

What this means is that as long as Christianity exists, there will be Christians waiting for Jesus to return. They will all die waiting, because there is no conceivable situation that would meet the criteria for Jesus being back. The Christians (and I don’t know enough about those other two religions to know if it applies to them too) are thus left perpetually waiting.

So what’s really likely to happen while Christianity still exists and believers carry on waiting for a man who will never come, is that the absurdity of the perpetual wait will become obvious to more people. The more years pass since the supposed life and crucifixion, the more absurd it becomes to continue waiting for Jesus to return. It might take a while, but obvious superstitious nonsense like Christianity is going to die a long and uninteresting death. Right now we have loads of Christians who try to persuade everyone that tolerance of other religions is an attack on Christianity, because on some level they might see what is coming. Theirs are the death throes of their religion. In reality, and apart from a few extremists and some crazy people, that’s all the death throes of Christianity will entail – some words from believers trying to prevent their doomed religion from fading away. But fade it will… into obscurity just like all the other religions that we call mythology today. And good riddance.

Interestingly, I don’t think Islam suffers from this same problem as Christianity. They’re not waiting for anyone to come back (as far as I know). Perhaps that makes Islam in a sense a more “pure” religion. A nonsense one of course, as it is all based on the ramblings of a madman who believed his creator dictated his holy texts in a cave, a religion that includes tales of a man riding a magic flying donkey and splitting the moon, but nevertheless, a religion that does not leave its followers waiting for a saviour who will never come. Thus if one looks past the obvious crazy stuff (that those indoctrinated into the religion will not be able to see anyway), it can be seen as a religion that gives greater meaning to its believers. Maybe that’s why Islam is the fastest growing religion, and is projected to remain that way for years to come? Maybe on some level Christians realize this? A religion that includes misogyny even worse than that practised by Christians… No wonder so many Christians hate them so. It is disturbing to think that this variant of the disease of religion is spreading, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Are you waiting for Jesus to return? Don’t hold your breath because there is no situation that would satisfy your wait.

  1. Yes, all what you say is true, and of course all this nonsense is “disturbing” – but at least there are many people, across all cultures and areas, who see the mountain of bullshit attached to religion and have a good laugh, if sometimes only to themselves.

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  2. What mindless hogwash ! Any delusional religious fanatics that actually think Jesus will pop out of the clouds one day from Heaven back to Earth to save s from our sins once more are literally mentally-ill and quite dangerous zealots…for sure !

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    1. But that’s not the point. The point here was their entire purpose is to wait. He wasn’t real anyway, but the point is their entire belief system hangs on them waiting for him to return, waiting for something that can never happen, and even if he was real and did return, they wouldn’t accept it anyway.

      But yes, there are also crazies who are waiting for the world to end, who long for end times and relish the pain of others, nutjobs who even “see” signs of the end times everywhere. But that’s a whole other story.


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