Some hate speech from religious people. Please help me in reporting it.

Check this out:


So this past weekend, it came to light that someone who had posed as an atheist and befriended several of us in the most popular atheist group in South Africa, is actually not an atheist. She was in the group for months, knew about secular meetups, and duped all of us. Then she started this vile Freedom From Atheism group.

Several of us atheists were added there and I don’t know the full details of how that happened. I know only that I was added in disgust by a friend. I trolled the group for a short while over the weekend and then stopped.

The point is though, you don’t get to claim the moral high ground while calling for the execution of people who don’t believe the same as you. No seriously, a comment on another post claimed that atheists “can’t be good”. That fossilized chestnut, the implicit argument from morality.

Here’s the thing… Atheism is a response to belief. Not only does it make no claims, but it is not imposed on anyone. Secularism is a response to religion being imposed on everybody. The entire group, the concept itself pushed by it, is an example of a Tu Quoque fallacy, accusing atheists of imposing their “beliefs” on everyone, like a little child with nothing better to proffer than, “But you also do that!”. It’s pathetic, and vile.

There’s more of course. Some really crazy posts there – the usual stuff… accusing atheism about being “creation from nothing”, refutations of straw man arguments of science, and so on. But what really gets me is that we are not the ones who use beliefs to persecute anyone. You don’t see atheists claiming you can pray the gay away, or that black people are subhumans created to serve white people, or that traditional marriage is right because of hatred for same sex marriage. You see atheists criticizing the subject of the believers’ beliefs. That’s quite different to attacking people simply because they don’t believe what you do. If you can’t see the difference, you’re probably not terribly bright.

Obviously I reported that post I shared as hate speech, for what it’s worth. Some of my friends hijacked the comments there, but in the context of the OP and the original comments, it isn’t “just a question”. It is clearly hate speech and I hope that others may join me in reporting it as such.


This has to be one of the most ironic Facebook comment exchanges I have ever seen, between a friend and a believer on a post of mine on that group…


Yup yup… Mr Dunning Kruger… the twerp thinks he knows everything!

5 thoughts on “Some hate speech from religious people. Please help me in reporting it.

  1. Oh I’d love nothing more than to help you mate! 👍 But Im not too good with digital communication stuff, (like mega retarded in most it, lol) so if you tell me (or give me a link to click on) I’d be honoured to verbally shoot this silly girl down for you!!!

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    1. Thanks. On the FB website, you have to click the three little dots on the top right of a post, then you get to the reporting options. Report post -> I don’t think this should be on Facebook -> then choose the hate speech or threats of violence option… then “submit to facebook for review”. I don’t normally report posts, but will report the fuck out of this stupid group unless they remove me.

      I lost the link to that actual one I shared, but this is her post…

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  2. There cannot be a ‘solution to atheism’ because there is no problem to solve.
    Do they feel threatened? Is their belief system so weak that it can’t stand up for itself without violence?

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  3. Religious people are mostly intolerant and hateful.

    Different fMRI-studies of the brain show that there is a strong correlation between intolerance and religious fervor. Religious persons normally don’t trust those who believe in other gods and/or belong to other denominations.

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