Yet another loaded question for atheists: What do atheists fear the most?

All of us who regularly participate in atheist Facebook groups have no doubt been exposed to many stupid questions. Imagine my reaction to this, when I just happen to be someone who has always hated stupid questions.

It’s not just that the questions are stupid, and loaded with the same asinine assumptions and a refusal to understand what atheism actually is… it’s that the imbeciles who ask them could merely scroll down a little to see the answers given to previous idiots who asked the same questions.

There are questions like “Why do you hate god?” when we don’t believe in any gods and would have to look at the idiot’s profile to figure out which one they mean… “Where do your morals come from?” or the more insulting questions which are loaded with the assumption that we have no morals… which assumes objective morality and that morality came from a particular deity somehow. But yesterday’s question left me wondering just how stupid the person asking actually is. I mean – thank FSM for Velcro or that poor sod probably wouldn’t be able to tie his or her shoelaces… so much stupid!

In this case I’m not even sure what was assumed. Could it be something to do with fear of death, or fear of eternal punishment in a Hell that doesn’t exist? Who knows?

Anyway, despite my post about the fear of death yesterday, I’ve suspected for some time that theists are insecure and even with the false comfort of the belief in an afterlife, their fear of death is often worse than mine. But I’m not going to assume that all theists have exactly the same fear because that would be stupid, just like the assumption that all atheists fear exactly the same thing, or that any individual atheist’s fear has anything to do with their atheism. Why would it?

I’m not ruled by fear. I have fears because that’s normal. Even fear of death is natural because I like being alive. If I have to think about it, my greatest fear would be anything terrible happening to my son, including the fear of his death before mine. I’d also hate anything bad to happen to his sister, even though she is not living with us, because I love her. But that’s just me, and my fears would not likely be any different no matter what I believed.

Update: A friend just shared this to make fun of them:


That sums it up perfectly really… A meme made by the type of idiot who asks those questions, with the answer they want to hear. And they keep asking because no atheist would ever answer that way.

They assume:

  1. An argument from morality.
  2. Sexual deviance. By the way, even your popular religions didn’t always conflate morality and sexuality. Why does what’s between your legs have anything whatsoever to do with morality?
  3. that we hate “God”.

I’m not saying all theists are stupid, but people who think like that are.

Note also the misogyny in the meme. The man asks the woman why she is an atheist. He is in the position of the theist who usually asks the question. She says that she loves sin and sleeping with many men. Apart from the conflation of promiscuity with morality, this is implicitly saying that women who sleep with many men have poor morals, but the men are not at fault.

5 thoughts on “Yet another loaded question for atheists: What do atheists fear the most?

  1. If anything people who believe in god should fear death even more. God isn’t exactly well known for making rational decisions and the guidelines as to how to actually guarantee getting into heaven/the kingdom aren’t exactly crystal clear…

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    1. True, but then I don’t think they read their holy books and realize it… I think they just go along with charismatic preachers who tell them what they want to hear. Every one of them thinks they are special and of course will go to Heaven, and their understanding of god is correct. “I’m right and everybody else is wrong” kind of thing.

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      1. Funny you should say that. I just said the exact same thing in another comment. Coming from a cult that made me study the bible every day, I know the bible inside out. Now when I speak to Christians and challenge what they believe and ask them to show me where it is in the bible and most, not all, but definitely like 90% in my experience have no idea. They believe what they believe because someone told them. Which absolutely blows my mind. How can you dedicate your life to something and not read about it thoroughly yourself?!

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  2. Yeah the whole where does morality come from irks me too. You don’t need a deity to figure out the golden rules and such. In fact once you reach age of reason and age of knowing the difference between right and wrong – you pretty much have it figured out.

    As to fear, there’s relatively little that I fear. And I find it easier for me to be feared than for me to be fearful.

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