Another addict dead

Judging by a Facebook share yesterday, by a counsellor from the rehab I attended in 2010, yet another life has been lost to addiction. It’s different for me this time in that it wasn’t someone from my friends list, so I don’t get to see the RIP posts on their wall… But still.

I won’t see many of those RIP’s anymore. I have almost none of those friends left, and those who remain are stable, I think. But there were two such deaths last year, and quite a few in the years before that, starting the month I left that rehab in March 2010.

And all this happened despite the fact that most of the people I knew from there had already defriended me a long time ago. They didn’t like my atheism posts, and the posts critical of them. I recall one girl in particular, who was a gullible idiot, who had everybody in that rehab anxious because she believed that a schizophrenic man was possessed and was “speaking in demonic tongues”.

That… the belief in the supernatural, is common among them. Ironically every person I know of who died due to their addiction, was a theist who believed not only in god, but also accepted the 12-step plan programs. Every one of them that I know of, who died, was in and out of such a program. I do not know of any other sceptic, from either of the rehabs I attended, not one person who rejected what they were taught there. (The second program I refer to is the outpatient program I attended, as a formality to comply with a court order and get my son back.)

I cannot emphasize enough how glad I am that I did not Facebook friend any of the people I met in the second program; otherwise I’d have a whole new generation of friends who relapse and die.

Anyway, if you are an addict who has had help, whether you believe in the nonsense they teach you in 12 step programs or not, you really need to understand the seriousness of relapse. Every time you go back to active use, you increase the probability of your death. If you’re a heroin addict and don’t stay clean, you will almost certainly die of your addiction. That’s just the way it is. This is your life. It’s the only one you get. Don’t fuck it up.

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