Josh and Aishah from 24 December 2016 to 01 January 2017

I’m not handling this at all well. I can’t look at photos or videos of Aishah without my eyes filling up with tears. I don’t often take photos of Josh lately, as much as I love him, because I see him every day. But Aishah and their mother are far away again, home in Cape Town. I love you and miss you, my adorable little girl. Without your arrival three years ago, I may never have got my life in order. I wish you and mommy could have stayed with us a little longer.

This one was taken the evening they (Megan and Aishah) arrived on December 24th:



On Christmas morning:






Christmas evening:


And on the morning before they left, January 01: (Megan is in this next one. I hope she doesn’t mind. She hates photos of herself apart from selfies, but she looks fine to me.)






There are also two videos of Aishy on Facebook here and here.

I’m a basket case right now. I miss her so.

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