My condolences to the USA.

There really isn’t much to say. Donald Trump has won the 2016 US presidential elections, and this says plenty about the whole world.

The US were world leaders… They put sanctions in place against this country, South Africa, in the era of apartheid. Now they have elected an obvious racist and misogynist (among other things) for president. The locals here who support Trump are the same people who believed in apartheid. Let that sink in.

How the fuck did this happen?

How is it that an email scandal could be falsely equated with the horror of Donald Trump? But I have seen this coming… Even in the atheist groups that I belong to, a wave of anti-immigrant hatred has been washing over everyone for a long time. This election result says more about the sentiments of the people who cast their votes than it does about the vile man they have elected.

Make no mistake though… America, you fucked up!


About Jerome

I am a senior C# developer in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am also a recovering addict, who spent nearly eight years using methamphetamine. I write on my recovery blog about my lessons learned and sometimes give advice to others who have made similar mistakes, often from my viewpoint as an atheist, and I also write some C# programming articles on my programming blog.
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7 Responses to My condolences to the USA.

  1. DREW5000G says:

    When you put a bankers puppet against him the people said “ENOUGH” Email scandal, state secrets on personal servers held her open to blackmail, she through her foundation stole money from Haiti fund, tried to steal children from Haiti, for what I can only guess, had Vince Foster murdered, promised Goldman Sachs the world, went to Eppsteins island, convicted child molester, many times with and without Bill, lets not even talk on Bill. Find facts and they are not hard to find. Trump fucks women openly Hillary does worse and media cover for her, people know and were not having that slease in the White house, Trump is lesser of 2 evils m8, and he is not owned by elite, he has his own money so they should be worried.

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  2. Sally says:

    Hey Jerome,
    Yeah I gotta say I agree with Drew on this subject, and personally I love the Clintons. But America is financially fucked, which directly or inadvertently means so is a fair whack of the rest of the world.
    Trump is an absolute arrogant wanker, and he knows this, but he’s also a very astute businessman who very cleverly slapped Americans in the face at the start with his racist, sexist and everything else ‘ist’ 😉opinions and have them time to adjust to him and to focus on what he can offer them as their president, instead of bullshit like with Bill Clinton and Monica…so the man likes a bit of head….he is male! But what the fuck has that got to do with running a country????
    Trump can, and I believe will, pull America’s head out of its own arse and get them out of debt.

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  3. Jerome says:

    Maybe I don’t know about Clinton then…

    I still think Trump is an ass though. Sanders would’ve been a great president.


  4. Jerome says:

    I must really stop making any kinds of political posts. 😦

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  5. Jerome says:

    I might have been a little emotional when I wrote this post. I have one black American friend, who is an atheist and writer, and has a gay sister, who wrote minute by minute status updates on Facebook. I read them all for some time, and I could understand his pain. So this was written while I felt heavily empathetic for the guy. (Who wouldn’t? Peter, I hope you will be OK.)

    I hope I’m wrong about Trump… Who knows what the future might bring?
    Maybe all his crazy antics were just done to get votes, and he might do some good. You never know.


  6. I don’t know, I too worry about the US. I understand that people voted for him as an giant middle finger to the establishment, but to be honest- nobody comes across as more elite, more sleazy politician than Trump. He may not have the years of experience as a sleazy politician that the Clintons do, but in don’t trust a word that man says. After all, a few months from now he’ll be saying he never said that. He has probably already forgotten about the wall he wants to build or jailing Hillary Clinton.

    But I’ll step down off thus soapbox and simply observe with the rest of the world there next four years.

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  7. bbnewsab says:

    Mr. Trump, soon Mr. President, is a liar. And he likes to grab women by their pussy. Maybe that’s why especially White Evangelicals vote for him.

    And yes, Jerome, it IS dangeorus to make political blog posts. But at the same time, those posts are interesting to read and comment. So please, continue making them.

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