Why god hates fags

Now that I’ve got your attention, first of all, what is homosexuality?


So homosexuality is nothing more than sexual attraction between members of the same gender. If we look further, we find that it occurs quite commonly in animals. In fact, there’s a long list of animals displaying homosexual behaviour.

Today, the very first post I saw on Facebook was a post all about the evils of homosexuality, which pointed out that it is wrong, as per the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran. It also claimed that being gay is unnatural and only happens in humans. As I have already shown, the idea that homosexuality is unnatural, is utter nonsense, and it is absolutely not exclusive to people. Stating otherwise is simply wrong, and no matter how many times you make such an assertion, it remains wrong. Being gay is absolutely normal, just less common than being straight.

If you believe in god, then you must believe that he created gay people and animals, and why would he create them that way if their nature is morally wrong? If you believe that it is possible somehow to pray the gay away, then how do you think this would apply to animals other than humans?

What we do know is that the various holy texts claim that homosexuality is morally wrong. But how did that come about? Let’s do a little thought experiment… How many gods do you know of, that are walking around today? Well, unless you believe someone like that crazy Australian who thinks he’s Jesus, the answer is zero.

So to accept that those holy books were written by gods, you have to accept that a couple of thousand years ago, gods did walk the earth. Then they wrote their doctrines down, and that was handed down for generations, accepted at face value by believers, until now when no gods are to be seen. Which is more likely, that gods walked the Earth back then, or that people then were just the same as they are now? That is, no gods, but people with beliefs and curiosity who needed to understand the world around them, people who provided explanations for the things they perceived… People who didn’t have science or technology or any understanding of nature as they do now.

Many like to credit those books for their morals, for lessons like “love thy neighbour”. But the truth is, morals were around universally long before our holy books were written. Those books don’t contain anything good that wasn’t already widely accepted at the time, but they do contain a lot of bad things… like the stuff about women being unclean, having to cover themselves, and gays being an abomination.

Imagine the people in those times. When the rain washed away their homes and their crops, when disease took the lives of their innocent children, when natural disasters wiped out entire villages, their gods were angry. It’s a ready-made explanation for the unknown, one still used today by many conservative Christians in places like the US.

And what better a scapegoat to blame than a gay man, someone whose gender preferences are far less common than most? Someone who the majority do not understand, and thus fear. Or the black man, because his skin is a different colour to yours. Or the old widow who lives on her own… She must be a witch.

The plain truth is, your god doesn’t hate anybody, because he doesn’t exist. I’m not saying there isn’t a hypothetical god, but I do know that your god was created by man, by primitive man who passed down his primitive fears. God doesn’t hate fags, you do. Then you project that hatred on your god, and you justify your bigotry because it is written in your holy book.

But the fact that you hide behind your religion to justify your bigotry doesn’t make it right. Not every religious person practices homophobia. Even if the root of being religious lies in being indoctrinated and thus being gullible or having a mental “blind spot” that you can’t think about critically, that’s no excuse for those who are bigots. I grew up religious, a white child in apartheid South Africa with racist parents and surrounded by racists, and started out as homophobic. It’s natural to some extent to fear what is different, but it’s also natural to grow up. I grew up. I saw the world as it is, saw people for what they are, and rejected everything I was taught that was so obviously wrong. There is no excuse for being bigoted when access to correct information is so easy. There is no valid reason to be homophobic, or to have any other prejudice such as racism, misogyny, or misandry nowadays. None.

I do sometimes wonder if it is OK to be prejudiced against bigots… or if that in itself is a manifestation of hatred and fear of those who are different. That is, is prejudice itself natural to some degree and those of us who aren’t homophobic or racists, but hate on bigots, are expressing the same kind of sentiments on a different “group”? In not being bigots, we might see ourselves as morally superior to bigots, and express bigotry against bigots… (I was going to save that subject for my next post but I really don’t have any more to write about it than this paragraph; I have nothing more than the question itself.)

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